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New MINI Remastered Blends 1960's Style & 2017's Gadgets

By Stephen Turvil | June 12, 2017


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David Brown Automotive styling, colour choices, engine performance, equipment, special editions and price revealed

New MINI Remastered Blends 1960's Style & 2017's Gadgets
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Exterior styling

The MINI Remastered By David Brown Automotive is a hand-crafted, bespoke, lifestyle statement that blends classic looks with technology from 2017. Consider the exterior. It resembles a car which rolled-off the production line when The Beatles ruled the charts. It looks retro. It looks sharp. It pays homage to the past.

The bodywork is new, though. The car is stronger than its classic predecessor, has better sound insulation and comparative lack of seams. The sculpted, body-coloured, wheel arch extensions further enhance the look. Furthermore the manufacturer applies primer, paint and lacquer by hand over weeks to form a mirror-like surface.

MINI enables you to express yourself by choosing the exterior colour. Non-metallics include: Fade to Black, Bad Moon Rising, A Whiter Shade of Pale, Blue Jean, Midnight Rambler, Velvet Green, Wild Thing, Love Over Gold, Good Vibrations, Crimson King and Laguna Sunrise. Metallic paints include Silver Springs and Starman. 

Further emphasise your personality, lifestyle and preferences by choosing the roof colour: White, Black or body colour. Wheel options include: 12” Classic Alloy (silver), 12” Classic Alloy (black), 12” Classic Alloy (graphite), 12” Classic Alloy (gold), 12” Classic Alloy (body), 12” Mania Alloy and the 12” Apollo Alloy.

Engine, performance, fuel consumption and emissions

The 1.275-litre petrol engine has been reconditioned to provide more power for your adventures. It produces 78bhp at 5,700rpm and 91 ft lb of torque, at 3,900rpm. It complements the reconditioned manual gearbox. Expect 62mph in 11.7 seconds, a top speed of 90mph, average fuel consumption of 43mpg and carbon emission of 184.7g/km. 

Interior style and equipment

The interior blends classic style and new technology to impress your family, friends, colleagues and associates. The infotainment system is controlled via a 7” touchscreen interface, for example. Expect: Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, satellite navigation plus a USB port in the glovebox to charge mobile phones. 

British-sourced full-grain leather seats emphasise that the car – and you – have status. The have been embossed with David Brown Automotive logos. Choose: Black, Chalk, Marine, Lichen, Sandalwood or Imperial. The illuminated dials, knurled aluminium switchgear and a classic steering wheel further enhance the sense of occasion.

MINI Remastered Special Editions

The MINI Remastered comes in special edition forms, too. The Inspired By Café Racers is limited to a production run of 25. It “sets a new standard in vintage biker style”, MINI said. Extras include:

  • Latte Cream and Arabica Brown paint
  • Twin stripes on the wings
  • Leather bonnet straps
  • trim specific leather
  • Performance brakes

The Inspired By Monte Carlo trim has classic competition rally style, MINI said. Production is limited to only 25. Extras include:

  • 1.3-litre 98bhp petrol engine
  • Rascasse Red and Ice White exterior paint
  • Trim specific leather
  • Ice White door graphics
  • Black leather bonnet straps
  • Black wheel arch extensions


The MINI Remastered By David Brown Automotive costs from £75,000 (plus taxes). Deliveries commence winter 2017.

More On This Car
Take one for a spin or order a brochure
Request a MINI brochure
Request a MINI test drive

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