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New Nissan X-Trail Debuts At Auto Shanghai 2021 (e-POWER)

By Stephen Turvil | April 23, 2021


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New Nissan X-Trail revealed at Chinese motor show with a new, ingenious, electric powertrain

New Nissan X-Trail Debuts At Auto Shanghai 2021 (e-POWER)
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Want a sneak peak of the new Nissan X-Trail? The car launches in Europe in 2022 but has made its world debut at Auto Shanghai. And what a fascinating exhibit to see at a motor show. Why? Because this fourth-generation version of the popular, medium size, crossover vehicle has some clever new features. Nissan e-POWER, for instance.

How Nissan e-POWER works

New Nissan X-Trail Debuts At Auto Shanghai 2021 (e-POWER) Image

Nissan e-POWER is an innovative way to propel the vehicle. The system includes an electric motor that drives the wheels and is powered by a battery. Just like a fully electric car. There is also a traditional petrol engine to recharge the battery. That is all it does, though. The engine cannot directly spin the wheels. 

The all-new, 2022, Nissan X-Trail, therefore, has some of the benefits of a fully electric vehicle. It is very quiet, for example. All the torque is available almost immediately. Fuel consumption is low. However, unlike a fully electric car there is no need to plug-in to charge the battery. That's the engine’s job.

Nissan summarised e-POWER. ‘It is a powertrain innovation for customers who are not ready to embrace a full electric vehicle but want to enjoy the advantages of an electrified powertrain’, it stated. The X-Trail has further noteworthy features. These include:

  • all-wheel drive (in some forms)
  • third row of seats that emerge from the floor as required
  • wide range of driver assistance features
  • tough styling reminiscent of its immediate predecessor.

Nissan praises its new vehicle

Nissan summarised its new crossover. ‘The X-Trail remains true to its well established sports-utility formula that has proven successful’, it emphasised. ‘It offers more efficiency, refinement, versatility, and user friendly technology and complements its electrified crossover cousins. The X-Trail gives customers an outstanding sports-utility vehicle with an electrified powertrain’.

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