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New Sion Electric Car Charges for Free via Solar Panels

By Stephen Turvil | August 16, 2018


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New electric car charges via the sun, has a exterior socket to power household items and a air filter made of moss

How to charge Sion

The 2019 Sion is a forthcoming, fully electric, supermini class vehicle that has solar panels on its roof, bonnet, sides and tailgate to capture energy from the sun and recharge its battery for free, Sono Motors revealed. That is a significant advantage over most current, readily available, electric hatchbacks. But why?

As of now, electric vehicles have to connect via a cable to a public charger or home socket to recharge. This charging process takes a considerable time. Furthermore, public infrastructure is in its infancy so availability is limited. Such restrictions make drivers reluctant to swap from traditional, internal combustion powered, vehicles that can be refuelled in any town within minutes.

The Sion minimises these concerns. When, therefore, sun hits its solar panels the battery receives enough power to increase the car’s range by up to 30 km per-day (18.6 miles). On this basis, drivers that cover less than 30 km a day charge the battery faster than it drains. When full, the maximum range is 250 km (155 miles).

New Sion Electric Car Charges for Free via Solar Panels Image 2

That is the theory. In reality, the car’s range is influenced by the road conditions, driving style and various other factors. Furthermore, the sun likely has to be strong most of the day to gain the maximum 30 km (18.6 miles). There are many days it is not, of course. Conventional charging is therefore available, too. Pick:

  • Household plug (13 hours) 
  • Conventional public charge station (3.5 hours) 
  • Rapid public charge station (1 hour) 

Power socket, moss filter, other equipment and key statistics

The Sion has further features that prove it is a product of the future. The highlights include its conventional, home-style, exterior plug socket that is hidden behind a plastic panel in its nose. Connect a power tool while working away from home, for instance. Power can also be transferred to other electric vehicles.

Furthermore, the air filter incorporates moss that filters up to 20% of fine dust particles, regulates humidity and requires no special care, Sono Motors said. It complements more conventional features such as: air-conditioning, airbags, electric windows, the stereo and a large screen on the dashboard. Further traits include:

  • 80 kW electric motor (109hp) 
  • 35-45 kWh battery 
  • 0-62mph in 9 seconds (approximately) 
  • 5 seats 
  • 650-litre cargo capacity 
  • €16,000 to buy the car (excluding its battery) 
  • €4,000 to buy the battery (alternatively rent it separately) 
  • 750 kg towing capacity 
  • 4,110 mm long by 1,790mm wide 
  • 2 year, 100,000 mile, warranty 

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