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New Speed Gun: Drivers Caught From 750 Metres Day & Night

By Stephen Turvil | December 22, 2020


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Overview of the new, handheld, ‘crystal clear’ speed gun that makes it easier to catch speeding drivers in the UK.

New Speed Gun: Drivers Caught From 750 Metres Day & Night

Beware! The Police are now trialling a new, top-spec, handheld speed gun that can catch motorists from 750 metres in the United Kingdom – day and night. The TruCam II also makes it easier to prosecute, so it is far more capable than its predecessor which is showing its age. Let us therefore consider the new gun’s strengths.


The TruCam II resembles a hefty video camera from the 1990s. It has a pistol grip, a trigger, and a 9.4cm touchscreen. The touchscreen can be seen in bright light and is larger than its predecessor’s. It is therefore easier to see. The officer simply points the speed gun at a car and it estimates the speed. The car can be travelling: 

  • towards the officer
  • away from the officer
  • in daylight or at night (old gun cannot work in the dark).

New Speed Gun: Drivers Caught From 750 Metres Day & Night Image

The speed gun also takes ‘crystal clear’ images of the car’s registration number, the manufacturer said. Why? Because the camera automatically adjusts its focus, its iris setting (how much light gets in), and shutter speed (fast enough to get a clear shot of a moving car). It can also take ‘full-length video of the violation’.

The TruCam II then reads the car’s registration so it knows the make, model, and the name of its registered keeper. There is therefore no need for the officer to stop the car to collect such details. The keeper simply gets a Fixed Penalty Notice via the post. This is a £100 fine plus 3 penalty points on his/her licence. 

The new speed gun has further strengths. Highlights include:

  • water and dust resistant so it can be used in tough conditions
  • ‘combats’ laser jammers so it cannot be blocked
  • 10X faster processor than its predecessor
  • communicates via wi-fi or an ethernet cable.

Police praise new speed gun

A Warwickshire police officer praised the speed gun which costs about £10,000. Inspector Jem Mountford explained: ‘The new equipment is very portable. This means that officers can easily set-up anti-speeding operations at hot spot. The added benefit is that officers can be more mobile and responsive to changing demands’.

Inspector Mountford further emphasised that speeding can have serious consequences. ‘It is not okay to speed’, he warned. ‘Speeding is one of the fatal four major causes of death and serious injury on the road. While we will always choose to educate first, this new speed camera is a welcome addition’, he emphasised.

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