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NIO ET7: Fast, Autonomous, Luxury Electric Saloon From China

By Stephen Turvil | January 19, 2021


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New NIO ET7 electric saloon overview: styling, power, range per-charge, autonomous driving, cost and availability.

NIO ET7: Fast, Autonomous, Luxury Electric Saloon From China

The NIO ET7 is an autonomous, electric, luxury saloon that is blistering fast and capable of travelling hundreds of miles between charges. Furthermore, it is the Chinese manufacturer’s flagship saloon that is best perceived as an alternative to a Tesla Model S.


NIO ET7: Fast, Autonomous, Luxury Electric Saloon From China Image

The NIO ET7 looks sleek, imposing and thoroughly modern. Note the coupé-like profile, for example. Note the narrow headlamps. Furthermore, the door handles sit flush with the bodywork which looks stylish and optimises aerodynamic efficiency. The car also has a panoramic roof that lets light flood into the cabin, a purposeful front, and prominent rear lighting that spans its width.

The car’s interior has a minimalistic vibe. Rather than countless buttons, there is therefore a big screen in the centre of the dashboard. Among other things it incorporates sat-nav. There is also a smaller screen behind the steering wheel that shows the speedometer, etc. The leather seats, flat-bottomed wheel, and twin-tone finish further enhance this car’s appeal. It looks tremendous. 


The NIO ET7 is fast – very fast. Expect 0 to 62 mph in only 3.9 seconds. Power comes via a 241 bhp motor on the front axle. There is also a 402 bhp motor at the rear. This combination produces 643 bhp and 850 Nm of torque. The saloon also has powerful brakes to rein in its immense power. From 62 mph, it can stop in 33.5 metres.


The NIO ET7 comes with a choice of battery so its maximum range per-charge varies. The options are:

  • 70 kWh: 310 miles
  • 100 kWh: 434 miles
  • 150 kWh: 621 miles.

However, the distances per-charge have been based on a test procedure that is no longer used for the United Kingdom. It has been replaced with a procedure that more accurately reflects real-life conditions. The claimed figures might therefore be optimistic.


NIO ET7: Fast, Autonomous, Luxury Electric Saloon From China Image

The NIO ET7 can drive autonomously on fast roads, in town and whilst parking, the manufacturer suggested. It interprets its surroundings and sees hazards via ultrasonic sensors (that emit sound waves), LiDAR (that emits light waves), multiple cameras, and a great deal of computing power. Many such systems are mounted to the roof – so note the bumps close to the top of the windscreen. 

Price and availability

The NIO ET7 launches in China in 2022 (Q1). Prices range from the equivalent of £51,000 to £60,000. Furthermore, rumours suggest it is likely to be available elsewhere at some point. Fingers crossed!

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