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One fuel station lowers prices to £1.58. Will the rest follow?

By Tom Gibson | August 15, 2022


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The fuel station in the Yorkshire Dales has become the talk of the town with motorists flocking to get their hands on petrol that’s more in line with where prices should be at.

One fuel station lowers prices to £1.58. Will the rest follow?

Although Asda slightly reduced its prices last week, the major retailers are still maintaining sky-high prices to simply line their own pockets at the expense of loyal motorists despite wholesale prices falling in recent months.

That’s not the case over in a small village in Yorkshire however, where the Dale Head Community Garage in Hawes, North Yorkshire, runs as a non-for-profit community enterprise whilst it also gets a 5p per litre government rebate because of its isolated location.

This means its price of petrol £1.58 is much less than the national average of £1.80, and its £1.68 diesel sits below the UK's average of £1.90.

Although queues can be understandably long as the alternative for some means forking out as much as £2 per little, the reduction in cost will save many motorists over £10 when filling up.

The UK’s fuel prices are still substantially higher than the vast majority of other European countries.  Finland (190p) and Denmark (186p) are the only outliers in what has been a farcical situation for over 12 months. Government inaction has only been worsened by the greed of retailers and suppliers with the ongoing war un Ukraine and the rightful reduction of Russian imported fuel meaning prices will likely stay high and be at risk of sharp rises for some time yet.

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