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Owners of the most polluting cars to pay double for parking across England

By Tom Gibson | June 22, 2023


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Lambeth council in London is latest to introduce emissions-based fees, with councils around England expected to adopt similar schemes

Owners of the most polluting cars to pay double for parking across England

Owners of the most polluting cars may soon be forced to pay higher parking charges as councils across England are apparently close to rolling out new car charges based on a vehicle’s CO2 emissions.

Lambeth Council in London has just introduced emission-based parking charges that will mean those with heavily polluting vehicles can expect to pay more than double those with cleaner cars.

In Lambeth, there are now 26 different charges to park for an hour – ranging between £6.30 and £13.23 - depending on a vehicle’s tax band and where there is a diesel surcharge.

The consultation on the charges included a new pricing structure for residents’ parking permits, which are already based on CO2 emissions.

The annual cost of the highest band has risen from £340.73 to £500, with an additional annual surcharge of £140 for a diesel vehicle that does not comply with Euro 6 emission standards.

Note that these expenses are in addition to the congestion charge zone fees (every car that drives into the zone, unless exempt) and the ever-expanding ultra-low emissions zone (ULEZ) taxes (needed daily if the engine does not meet Euro standards).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, despite 59% of the 2,900 responses in the consultation objecting to the plans – the council went ahead with them anyway.

Rezina Chowdhury, cabinet member for sustainable Lambeth and clean air, said: “We were the first London borough to declare a climate emergency, and we have set a target to slash our carbon emissions to make Lambeth a net-zero borough by 2030.

“These changes will make our parking fees structure fairer and more reflective of the different levels of pollution produced by vehicles – and ensure those who pollute the most are charged the most to park.”

Would you be happy to pay more for parking based on your vehicle's CO2 emissions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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