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Owners told pets will easily overheat in scorching temperatures as police smash window to free a dog

By Tom Gibson | May 31, 2022


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Warnings have been issued about leaving dogs in cars with many Brits sweltering in the current heatwave

Owners told pets will easily overheat in scorching temperatures as police smash window to free a dog

With many of us struggling to stay cool in the current heatwave, warnings have been issued to pet owners about leaving animals in cars in the sweltering heat. 

Research by the Dogs Trust has previously shown in at just 21C, the internal temperature in cars shoots up to over 45C in just an hour - more than double what it was at the start.

So with some areas of the country hitting a whopping 40C today, it's easy to see why this warm spell could be so dangerous for some of our best friends. 

In fact, there have been reports of windows being broken to free roasting dogs, with police in Hertfordshire smashing their way into the back of an Audi. 

At least six officers were spotted surrounding the black Audi which was parked up in a car park in the centre of Stevenage. 

These temperatures can be extremely dangerous for dogs, with their layers of warm fur, and who must pant to try to keep cool given their inability to sweat.

Dogs Trust Veterinary Director, Paula Boyden, said: “We all want to have fun and head out with our dogs whatever the weather, but sadly every year we hear of dogs getting in distress because they are left in cars on warm days. “Many people still believe it's OK if the windows are left open or they're parked in the shade, but the truth is, it's not and we strongly advise that dog owners should never leave their dog in a car on a warm day, even if it feels cool outside.”

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