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Peugeot Buy Online: Buy New Car At Home In Lockdown

By Stephen Turvil | April 30, 2020


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Find, personalise, and finance a new car at home during lockdown via Peugeot Buy Online (and arrange your trade-in).

Peugeot Buy Online: Buy New Car At Home In Lockdown

Peugeot Buy Online is a fast, simple, flexible way to order a new car from home that complements your personality. Handy now coronavirus has closed the dealerships. Once life gets back to normal, you then have a car that creates the right impression as you reconnect with your family and friends. Why not treat yourself?  

How Peugeot Buy Online works

Peugeot Buy Online ensures you have complete control of the car. Choose, for starters, the model, engine, fuel type, transmission, and colour. You might also specify extras that further personalise it. The manufacturer therefore ensures you get the car that best suits your lifestyle, hobbies, and aspirations. It has to be right.  

Peugeot range in 2020

Peugeot produces a wide range of cars so it is easy to find one that suits. For example, the Peugeot 108 might be the best choice if you live in a busy city where space is at a premium. Why? Because its modest size, good visibility, and fun handling guarantee it excels in the urban jungle. It is its natural habitat.  

The Peugeot 308 SW might suit better if you have a family. Why? Because it is a spacious estate. It therefore has plenty of room for sports equipment, bicycles, and many other items that facilitate adventure. It blends practicality and style. Such cars are only a small proportion of the company’s range. Others include:

208 (stylish supermini class hatchback)

• 2008 SUV (compact sports-utility vehicle)

• 308 (small family class hatchback)

• 3008 SUV (medium size sports-utility vehicle)

• 508 Fastback (large, elegant saloon that screams prestige)

• 508 SW (sophisticated, stylish and spacious estate)

• 5008 SUV (large sports-utility vehicle that has seven seats).

Peugeot 3008

Peugeot Buy Online finance

Peugeot Buy Online also offers various convenient ways to pay for your car. Cash is a possibility, of course. Alternatively, there are finance offers to spread the cost. For example, Just Add Fuel is a popular choice. Fixed monthly instalments cover the cost of the car plus its insurance, road tax (vehicle excise duty), roadside assistance, and routine servicing. Hence: ‘just add fuel’.

Peugeot Buy Online praised

Peugeot UK Managing Director, David Peel, summarised the benefits of buying a car via the manufacturer’s website. He said: ‘We know car buyers are incredibly well informed and do much of their homework online. Peugeot Buy Online not only facilitates this research, but allows new car buyers to purchase and arrange the finance for their next new car entirely online, Mr Peel emphasised.


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