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Police ram pair off scooter after chase

By Tom Gibson | November 15, 2022


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Southampton Police released footage of officers ramming a scooter rider down following a high-speed pursuit.

Criminals use scooters and motorbikes to escape from crime scenes as some forces implemented no chase policies if the rider’s life would be in danger – although in many instances it’s thought to be a myth that people wouldn’t be chased on two wheels.

However, things have changed since 2018 when a new ruling was brought in that allowed police to ram scooter and motorbike drivers off their bikes in exceptional circumstances and if it was deemed ‘safe’ to do so.

In this instance, dashcam footage shows the police vehicle pursuing a black Honda 125cc scooter at speeds of 60mph in a 30mph limit on The Avenue, Southampton.

The 23-year-old rider, who was carrying a pillion passenger, was forced off the bike near The Common where he then fled.

He was arrested a short distance away and was found in possession of cannabis.

After being convicted in court, the rider was fined, given a suspended jail term, and banned from the road for three months.

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