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Porsche Want You to Sell Your Porsche

By Phil Gardner | November 24, 2020


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Porsche owners encouraged to sell their Porsches back to Porsche…

Porsche Want You to Sell Your Porsche

It may seem like a  bizarre headline, but it does make sense. Porsche have launched a campaign to encourage current Porsche owners to sell their vehicles back to Porsche. Regardless of whether that is as a part-exchange or just as a one-way transfer of ownership, Porsche centres across the country are currently looking to take on more stock for their catalogue of approved used vehicles.

Ordinarily, you wouldn’t expect a car manufacturer to care too much about what you do with your vehicle once you’ve bought it from them, but Porsche ownership isn’t quite the same. There is a real sense of family and collectiveness among Porsche and Porsche owners, which is reflected in their exceptional customer retention rate.

This is why Porsche is encouraging Porsche owners to hand the keys back to the retailer. They want to put your car among their used-approved stock so they have made this as accessible as possible. You can now request a valuation of your Porsche by simply submitting a few details to a Porsche Centre of your choice. Their specialists will then analyse your vehicle and the market and return with an indicative value within 24 hours. You’ll also be invited down to your local Porsche centre where the specialists will give your vehicle a full, no-obligation appraisal followed by an accurate valuation.

This all comes due to particularly high demand for Approved Porsches, so to meet this demand the Porsche Centres are proactively hunting down quality pre-owned models and for this reason, Porsche believes they could be able to offer you the most competitive price for your car.

Get started requesting a valuation of your car, but do bear in mind that the initial valuation is not a commitment to purchase and is only based on the information provided and an offer to purchase can only be provided following a professional appraisal.

So what are you waiting for? Get a no-obligation valuation of your Porsche today and while you’re there, why not have a look around the huge amount of approved-used Porsche stock that is available today...

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