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Reckless racers jailed after DFS smash

By Tom Gibson | May 4, 2021


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Staffordshire Police reveal CCTV footage showing the wannabe racers moments before they lost control

Reckless racers jailed after DFS smash

Two men have been sentenced after admitting dangerous driving offences following a road traffic collision in Cannock back in May 2019.

The collision, which was left one of the men with life changing injuries, saw a VW Scirocco leave hit the front of a nearby DFS store just before 4am. 

Staffordshire Police also tweeted a video yesterday to show how two cars were seen driving recklessly moments before losing control. 

A Newton hearing determined that 57-year-old Mark Cole and 27-year-old Jordan Powers had been racing along the A5 before Powers’ car left the road.

Powers, of Victor Street, Pelsall, was left with life-changing injuries alongside his 34-year-old passenger. 

Following an appearance at Stafford Crown Court, Cole was sentenced to 17 months’ in prison and disqualified for two years and five months with a requirement to take an extended re-test. Powers was sentenced to 32 months’ behind bars and disqualified for five years and 10 months with an extended re-test to be taken before he is allowed to drive again.

Judge Gosling said: “Their driving was grossly irresponsible and utterly reckless and that Mr Cole had tried to save his own skin and had egged on Mr Powers by racing with him”.

Sergeant Rich Moors, from the Staffordshire and West Midlands Serious Collision Investigation Unit, said: “The standard of driving of both Cole and Powers was beyond appalling that morning. The injuries sustained by Powers and his passenger will have long lasting effects for both of them. I would implore drivers to remain within the speed limit and not to race on the roads. Such actions, as demonstrated here, can have life changing consequences for all those involved.”


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