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Renault & Dacia Open Virtual Showroom For Locked Down Drivers

By Stephen Turvil | April 21, 2020


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View, evaluate, and finance a new vehicle from home during lockdown at the Renault & Dacia Virtual Showroom.

Renault & Dacia Open Virtual Showroom For Locked Down Drivers

Good news! Groupe Renault has launched a trio of online services that let you view, evaluate, and fall in love with a new Renault or Dacia from home now coronavirus has closed the showrooms, it explained. Why, after all, should coronavirus deny you the opportunity to pick the car that suits your busy, active lifestyle?

Virtual Showroom

The Renault & Dacia Virtual Showroom is at the heart of such innovation. Why? Because it puts you face-to-face with whichever car suits your aspirations, image, and budget. How? Via a live, personalised video tour from one of the company’s ‘dedicated gurus’. You can watch it for free at your favoured brand’s website.

Renault Buy Online

To get started, pick either the: Renault Clio, Renault Captur, Renault Kadjar, Renault Zoe, Dacia Sandero, or Dacia Duster. The ‘guru’ now shows you anything of particular interest. Perhaps you want to study your car’s exterior styling. Maybe you want to see how much space there is for rear passengers. Perhaps you want to see what equipment is available. Your ‘guru’s’ camera confirms all.

Renault Virtual Showroom

The ‘guru’ also has props that provide further insight. See how much luggage fits in the boot, for example. Is there room for a pushchair? Is there room for golf clubs? Such things can be demonstrated. Plus, of course, the ‘guru’ answers any questions on the spot. The Virtual Showroom is almost as good as the real thing.

Furthermore, Renault & Dacia’s Virtual Showroom works in a responsible manner as we fight coronavirus. It is a ‘dedicated facility’ that has ‘limited staff’, for example. The staff also follow ‘stringent measures’ to minimise any risk. The Renault & Dacia Virtual Showroom is open Monday to Sunday (12:00pm – 8:00pm).

Dacia Buy Online

Dacia Buy Online complements the Virtual Showroom, Groupe Renault suggested. It allows you to ‘complete the full buying journey from home’ – including finance approval. Furthermore, Dacia’s entire range of cars is available whereas the Virtual Showroom only showcases examples. Simply pick a car then any engine, gearbox, and colour preferences. You can also add extras such as a service plan.

Dacia Virtual Showroom


Remote eSign

Groupe Renault has further innovations that help you choose a vehicle from home. Consider its finances offers, for instance. Traditionally, any paperwork has to be signed in person. Not any more. Hire Purchase (HP), Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), and Contract Hire (CH) paperwork can therefore be completed online. Initially, a verification process proves your identity. Next, you get a link from the dealer that lets you sign electronically. Easy!


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