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Renault Premier their New E-Tech Models in Brussels

By Phil Gardner | January 27, 2020


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Renault bolsters their attack on the electric car market

Renault Premier their New E-Tech Models in Brussels

We can all see that year on year the popularity of electric cars in the UK is soaring, and manufacturers need to adapt. Renault look to be ahead of the curve as they hope to launch electrified alternatives to their top-selling fuel-powered vehicles in 2020 and the early glimpses look extremely promising.

At this years Brussels Motor Show, Renault celebrated the premiere of their brand-new Clio E-TECH and Captur E-TECH Plug-in models. These are the part-sustainably powered versions of their two top-selling models and further additions to what is already the largest electrified vehicle range of any manufacturer on the market. They aren’t stopping there though, we have been told to expect a Megane E-TECH shortly after too.

The Clio E-TECH

Renault Premier their New E-Tech Models in Brussels Image

The Clio is the car that most of us think of when the name ‘Renault’ is dropped. It’s their iconic hatchback which has won over hearts and minds consistently in the UK for 30 years now. Renault says that this new model will ‘embody Renault’s vision of future mobility which is autonomous, electric and connected’... which sounds very clever, but what does it mean? Well the new Clio E-TECH will use a comprehensive driving system which includes Traffic Jam Companion, a semi-autonomous driving system which takes the stress out of sitting in gridlocked or stop-start traffic. The  Clio will also come with a massive 9.3-inch touch screen lodged in the centre of the dashboard - we doubt you’ll ever need a bigger screen than that in any car.

The Clio has never been hybridised until now, and this model looks to come loaded with features that set it apart from the rest. The electric motor comes into play when starting and accelerating the Clio and the battery can recharge itself using regenerative energy produced under braking. Renault predicts that 80% of the time spent on city roads will be spent in the all-electric mode where the Clio can accelerate up to 38 mph before the petrol engine kicks-in.

The Captur E-TECH

Renault Premier their New E-Tech Models in Brussels Image

Then there is the Captur, Europes most-loved B-segment crossover which is sold across all continents and is hugely popular in China. The Captur benefits from an increased battery size (9.8 kWh) which means that it can now run on 100% electricity for up to 30 miles when tested at WLTP standards and on to a top speed of 85 mph before fossil-fuels are needed. Renault believe that owners can seamlessly run on electric-only throughout the week and then when longer journeys and weekends arrive, the Captur will have the juice to accomplish longer journeys comfortably and economically…

When driven correctly to its purpose, Renault is claiming that the Captur E-TECH Plug-in should be able to consume fuel at a rate of 188 mpg while emitting just 34 g/km of CO2, however, this will require a full charge and be driven to match the driving style used in the WLTP testing.

Renault Premier their New E-Tech Models in Brussels Image

We haven’t yet been given the pricing structure or specification lists for either the Clio E-TECH or the Captur E-TECH however we have been told that both models will be going on sale in the UK in June 2020 following their launch in Brussels. As always, we can imagine both models will be in huge demand.

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