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Revealed: How to get the most from your Tesla

By Stephen Turvil | February 9, 2021


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Tesla explains simple techniques that help you maximise your electric vehicle’s range per-charge

Revealed: How to get the most from your Tesla
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Tesla has revealed how to maximise your car’s range per charge. You simply need a charging strategy, good driving style, and common sense. There is a useful app, too. Let us summarise the key points. 

Charging strategy

A Tesla’s battery is likely to deteriorate over time. It is then capable of fewer miles per-charge. However, simple techniques can slow degradation. For example, ‘maintain a regular, everyday charging routine using a low voltage charger’, Tesla stated. Only use a high voltage supercharger ‘when necessary’ as it is harder on the battery. Also, if possible keep the charge between 20% and 90%. 

Furthermore, your vehicle has regenerative braking. This system transfers kinetic energy that would otherwise be lost as the car slows into electricity that charges the battery. Your remaining range is then extended. Ensure, therefore, that the system is set to ‘standard’ rather than ‘low’ if your particular vehicle gives you an option. The former maximises how much energy gets recovered.

Revealed: How to get the most from your Tesla Image

Vehicle efficiency

A Tesla’s range per-charge can be maximised if you optimise aerodynamic efficiency. Keep the windows completely shut, for example. You might also remove a roof box or bike carrier that is not required. In addition, set the suspension to ‘low’ or ‘very low’ while travelling at high speed (if your vehicle has this feature). There are further steps that optimise efficiency. Simply:

  • remove unnecessary weight, e.g. luggage
  • ensure the tyre pressures are correct
  • fit aero wheel covers (Tesla Model 3).

Driving style

A Tesla’s maximum range per-charge is influenced by your driving style. Try to maintain momentum rather than consistently speeding up and slowing down, then. This is far easier if you anticipate what is likely to happen on the road rather than react in the moment. And, of course, avoid hard acceleration which takes a lot of power from your battery. Aim for a smooth, steady driving style.

Energy app

The Energy app is accessed via the screen on your dashboard. It contains a chart that reveals how much power your vehicle has consumed in the recent past. The last ten miles, for example. This might suggest that your driving style is somewhat inefficient. If so, you can adjust your behaviour to maximise the range per-charge. 

Revealed: How to get the most from your Tesla Image

Cold weather

A cold battery uses ‘more energy to maintain optimal operating temperature’, the manufacturer emphasised. Your vehicle’s range per-charge can therefore fall. Tesla added that one of the solutions is to keep the vehicle ‘plugged in whenever possible’. The battery then ‘retains heat’. Never fear, though. The battery cannot be overcharged. Your vehicle’s onboard computer prevents it. 

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