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Robot to Carry Your Car to Parking Bay at Gatwick Airport?

By Stephen Turvil | April 4, 2019


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Stan the Valet Robot lifts vehicles then carries them to parking bays – and might soon be working at Gatwick Airport

Robot to Carry Your Car to Parking Bay at Gatwick Airport?

 Valet Robot features and benefits

Gatwick Airport might soon have a robot that picks up your car, takes it to a parking bay then retrieves it as required on your behalf, Stanley Robotics suggested. Stan the Valet Robot therefore:

  • Resembles a futuristic, fully automated, folklift truck
  • Lifts vehicles that weigh up to three tones (six metres long)
  • Runs on electricity so cannot pollute at the point of use

This poses a question: how do you use it? Stage one is to leave your car in a designated area that is close to the car park’s entrance, reminiscent of a garage, and well lit. It is also more spacious than a traditional bay which makes it easy to open your vehicle’s doors, climb out and retrieve your luggage from the boot.

Stage two is find the computer within the area. It resembles a tablet and says ‘welcome to automatic parking’. The computer now asks you to scan a QR code from your smartphone to ‘confirm drop off’. It now says your vehicle will be returned at the relevant date and time. This is shortly after your return flight, of course.

Stan the Valet Robot now completes stage three. It therefore slides its arms under your car, lifts it slightly off the ground by its wheels, and takes it to a parking space. For stage four, it recognises you are on your return flight and retrieves your vehicle. You can now find it safe and sound in the designated area.


Stan the Valet Robot provides a range of benefits. Primarily, it lets more vehicles park within existing infrastructure. Why? Because there is no need to leave room for drivers to manoeuvre into bays, open their doors and retrieve their luggage. Cars can therefore be parked closer together. They block each other in, too.

‘We can optimise space to create up to fifty percent extra parking spaces’, Stanley Robotics claimed. The additional benefits include:

  • No need to hunt for a parking space
  • Stop close to the airport’s terminal to minimise walking
  • No struggle to find your vehicle upon return
  • Less stress

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Happy customers

Stan is already operating at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in France. It has also won praise from motorists. ‘It is super practical’, argued a happy traveller. ‘You do not have to search for your car in a parking lot for hours with your luggage’. Other drivers claimed they will use the service again without hesitation. 

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