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Russia launches new 'sanction-proof' car

By Tom Gibson | June 14, 2022


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Russian manufacturer Lada has launched a new model it says is ‘sanction proof’ in the form of the Granta Classic Sedan, which has been designed to help beat spiralling inflation and will cost the equivalent of £9,500.

Russia launches new 'sanction-proof' car

It’s ‘sanction proof’ as it’s made of all Russian components but it certainly isn’t safe. The fact that no imported products can be used on the car means it has no anti-lock braking system, modern seatbelts or satellite navigation.

Putin’s regime has taken a battering since their invasion of Ukraine in February and Russia's heavily import-reliant car industry has taken a major blow. Costs have soared and manufacturers have been unable to access luxury technology from abroad, which now means Russian motorists have this Granta Classic Sudan to look forward to…

Avtovaz was forced to close its main manufacturing plant in Togliatti in March and had to accept just one rouble (1p) for French-state-owned Renault's 67.7% stake after it relinquished ties over the invasion.

It was bought by a research team linked to the Russian government.

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