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Savvy Sadiq deploys an armada of ULEZ camera vans to catch drivers

By Tom Gibson | September 5, 2023


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The Mayor has been thinking of ways to combat the increasing numbers of stationary ULEZ cameras that are being vandalised

Savvy Sadiq deploys an armada of ULEZ camera vans to catch drivers

Sadiq Khan has launched his fightback on vigilante vandals who are ruining his ULEZ revenue driver by removing and ruining his cameras that will spot non-compliant cars.

It’s been revealed that there are over 500 instances of cameras being vandalised since they were erected with the expanded zone only coming into force last week.

Motorists who don’t have a car that meets the relevant standards have to pay a £12.50 daily charge and the scheme has attracted criticism for impacting the poorest in our communities the most. 

But that hasn’t stopped the controversial Mayor from going ahead with his expansion and mobile units have now been spotted around Heathrow checking potentially unsuspecting drivers as they come off the M25.

The vans cannot catch number plates while moving but can park up at the roadside – in this case outside Britain’s busiest airport - to pick out vehicles and issue fines.

The Ulez charge operates every day of the year except Christmas Day, and failure to pay can attract a £180 fine, or £90 if paid within seven days. You can check your vehicle's ULEZ status here.

We reported last week how City Hall’s reasoning for introducing the expanded zone has been shot down by some analysts and you can read that report here.

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