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SEAT Announce The Launch of the Fastest Ever Leon

By Phil Gardner | March 18, 2019


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A fierce new limited edition model of the Leon will go on sale, and it looks menacing.

SEAT Announce The Launch of the Fastest Ever Leon

The SEAT Leon is a car that most of us could happily live with on a daily basis. They’re reliable, well equipped, practical and reasonably economical. It’s only when the ‘Cupra’ logo is emblazoned on the rear end of the Leon that it becomes a different story.

Typically, Leon Cupra models have had just under 300 horsepower through the front wheels and they are most commonly ordered as hatchbacks. For 2019, though, they’re throwing the rule book out the window. A total of 150 ‘Cupra R ST’ models will be coming to the UK with prices starting from £37,975. That’s not cheap, but if you add the ABT tuning package on top for £500, you’ll have a Leon with as good as 370 horsepower being ploughed through all 4 wheels. That will be a Leon fast enough to go from 0-60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. Obscenely fast. The ‘ST’ tag in the name is a giveaway, this ferocious model is exclusively available as an estate, immediately making it one of the coolest estate cars on the market.

SEAT Announce The Launch of the Fastest Ever Leon Image 0

All of that power comes from a 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder, turbocharged petrol motor. It is simply frightening how much power manufacturers are pulling out of relatively small engines nowadays, but we aren’t complaining. The TFSI unit in this model puts down an earth-spinning 400 Nm of torque, that will certainly be enough to make sure your passengers are sat in the back of their seats.

Equipment levels are nice and high as standard in the Cupra R ST. Every single model comes with quad exhausts, Brembo brakes, ‘KESSY’ keyless entry, panoramic roof and some stunning bucket seats. On the exterior, all models come with big 19” alloy wheels and there are some eye-catching copper accents and carbon fibre components that really set it off. It looks the business. The Cupra R ST is available in 5 different colours, Midnight Black, Nevada White, Blackness Grey, or (a personal favourite) ‘Magnetic Tech.’ No idea what that last one means, but it sounds cool.

SEAT Announce The Launch of the Fastest Ever Leon Image 1

Sat behind the wheel you are surrounded by encouraging signs. Solid metal flappy paddles, Alcantara racing steering wheel and carbon fibre touches help make the driving experience incredibly visceral. At the same time, the digital dashboard is beautifully designed and highly intelligent, displaying all the necessary information in an attractive but not distracting manner.

As mentioned the Leon Cupra R ST is on sale now and it costs the best part of £40,000 - however it is the most powerful Cupra to date and there will only be 150 in the UK, which will see this car hold its value particularly well. If you’re interested, get in touch because there won’t be many left by the time you’re reading this.

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