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Some Tesla Cybertruck owners are reporting rain-induced rust concerns

By Mathilda Bartholomew | February 15, 2024


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It has prompted discussions about the vehicle's stainless-steel body resilience

Some Tesla Cybertruck owners are reporting rain-induced rust concerns

Certain Tesla owners are reporting the onset of rust on their Cybertrucks after exposure to rain.

A member, using the username Raxar, shared on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum that they were cautioned about potential rust issues when collecting their vehicle on February 1. According to Raxar, an advisor specifically warned that rain could lead to orange rust marks on the Cybertrucks, requiring buffing to address. Photos shared by the user depicted small rust specks on the stainless-steel body, appearing just two days after exposure to rain.

Mead Metals, a Minnesota metal-services company, notes that stainless steel can be susceptible to rust in specific conditions, often attributed to water exposure or exposure to damaging chemicals, saline, grease, or prolonged heat.

Another forum member, Vertigo3pc, reported corrosion on their Cybertruck after rain in Los Angeles. They documented the issue at a service centre, where a worker acknowledged the corrosion and indicated the possibility of repair.

Images posted by Vertigo3pc showcased corrosion spots on the Cybertruck, contradicting Elon Musk's previous assertion that the vehicle's "ultrahard stainless-steel" body is virtually rustproof.

Musk had mentioned the potential for offering a tungsten-carbide coating to protect against corrosion, emphasising its scratch-resistant properties. Videos on YouTube, claiming to reveal the Cybertruck owner's manual, suggest that the vehicle lacks a clear coat on its stainless-steel exterior. The manual advises prompt removal of corrosive substances to prevent exterior damage.

Despite these reports and concerns raised by owners, Tesla has not yet publicly addressed the issue.

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