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Tesco car park mystery rumbles on

By Tom Gibson | March 9, 2021


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The Tesco car park mystery, in which over 100 shoppers have been locked out of their vehciles, is no nearer to being solved

Tesco car park mystery rumbles on

Readers of last week's newsletter would've seen that over 100 people had been locked out of their vehicles at a Tesco car park in Royston. A week on and the mystery is no nearer being solved after Ofcom found no evidence of interference.

Communications watchdog Ofcom said its spectrum assurance team had checked the site for "signs of interference" but none were found and their investigation had concluded, a spokesman said.

Hertfordshire Police had previously said the string of incidents at the car park at Tesco were not being treated as malicious.

Devices that can communicate wirelessly using radio waves, such as televisions, car key fobs, baby monitors, mobile phones and satellites all make use of specific areas of the radio spectrum and it was thought interference via this invisible spectrum was affected the technology used in key fobs and cars.

Rumours were also circulating that this was an intentional prank using radio jamming devices but both the police and Ofcom have dismissed that theory. 

Let us know what you think could be the problem in the comments. 

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