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The 10 Best Selling Used Cars in 2018

By Phil Gardner | November 22, 2018


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The 10 cars selling most frequently on the used car market in 2018.

The 10 Best Selling Used Cars in 2018

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders have released their latest figures regarding used car sales over Q3 and it looks like the market is still pretty healthy. 2,057,457 cars were sold on the used car market in Q3 of 2018, a negligible decrease on the 2,102,078 models sold over the same period last year. Year-to-date figures show that there is only a -2.1% change in used cars sold overall. Today we’re looking at which cars are selling the best on the used market.

10) Audi A3

The 10 Best Selling Used Cars in 2018 Image 2

There were 31,766 used Audi A3 models sold over Q3 of 2018. It’s unsurprising that this features in the list because it is a particularly desirable hatchback, and although that brand new prices can be pretty steep, there are bargains to be had on the used market once that depreciation has hit. There are currently a number of examples under 5 years old starting from around the £8,000 mark.

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9) Renault Clio

The 10 Best Selling Used Cars in 2018 Image 8

35,141 Renault Clios changed owners over Q3 of 2018. This sounds like a huge amount but when you realise that most of the Clio’s closest competitors feature higher up in this list it’s less impressive. Looking at the market, you’re going to want to spend around £5,500 for a Clio under 5 years old with reasonable mileage.

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8) Volkswagen Polo

The 10 Best Selling Used Cars in 2018 Image 3

There was 41,726 VW Polos sold from July until the end of September in the UK. Again, this isn’t exactly a low figure but there are competitors close to the Polo that are selling much more frequently in this list. The Polo hasn’t depreciated as bad as some others though which means that you’re going to be spending around £5,000 if you want a model under 5 years old on the used car market.

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7) MINI Hatchback

The 10 Best Selling Used Cars in 2018 Image 4

42,309 MINI hatchbacks changed hands over Q3 in 2018 which is a particularly impressive figure in fairness. Most models on the used car market are exclusively 3 door versions, which have becoming notably less popular. The MINI is also one of the least depreciating hatchbacks on the market so they’re difficult to find at particularly competitive prices. You’re going to be spending just shy of £6,500 for a used model under 5 years old with reasonable mileage.

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6) BMW 3 Series

The 10 Best Selling Used Cars in 2018 Image 0

Now, this is a particularly impressive performer. There have been 49,025 BMW 3 Series sales over Q3 in 2018 on the used market. That’s a massive number considering this is a premium saloon vehicle. A new model of the 3 Series has been launched recently so owners may have been keen to upgrade, but it is impressive nonetheless to have beaten the likes of the Polo and Clio. Obviously, the 3 Series is a much more expensive car when new, so if you’re looking for a model under 5 years old with less than 50,000 miles on the clock you’re going to be spending around £11,000 for a nice example.

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5) Vauxhall Astra

The 10 Best Selling Used Cars in 2018 Image 5

The Vauxhall Astra enters the top 5 with 66,942 used car sales over Q3 of 2018. The Astra is a constant top-seller in the UK and its performance in terms of both new and used sales is a testament to the hard workers at the Ellesmere Port construction plant where they are built. The new Astra is their best model to date and it can be had from as little as £5,000 with reasonable mileage and under 5 years old. That’s actually a very competitive price for a hatchback of this size.

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4) Volkswagen Golf

The 10 Best Selling Used Cars in 2018 Image 6

The Golf takes 4th place. 68,614 used Golfs changed owners over Q3, just edging the Astra out of the 4th spot. This is slightly surprising though because the Golfs are considerably more expensive to buy as they suffer less depreciation. Looking at the current market you’ll need to spend almost £8,000 for a nice Golf under 5 years old and with low mileage, which is almost £3,000 more than you’d spend on an equivalent Astra.

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3) Vauxhall Corsa

The 10 Best Selling Used Cars in 2018 Image 7

Remember we said that the Renault Clio’s 35,141 sales in Q3 weren’t particularly impressive? That’s because the Vauxhall Corsa more than doubled that figure. 80,789 Corsas changed hands from the start of June until the end of September, which is an extremely impressive figure. It does, however, mean that the market is saturated and prices have come down quite a lot. Good news for buyers, bad news for sellers. A nice model under 5 years old with low miles shouldn’t cost more than £4,000.

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2) Ford Focus

The 10 Best Selling Used Cars in 2018 Image 9

Outselling both of its closest competitors by some margin is the Ford Focus. Neither the Golf ‘nor the Astra could get anywhere near the 84,014 used models sold of the Ford Focus. While it sits above both of those cars in terms of sales, it places itself between them in terms of price. You can expect to pay around £6,500 for a well-kept Focus under 5 years old.

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Ford Fiesta

The 10 Best Selling Used Cars in 2018 Image 10

Top of the list, you guessed it, the Fiesta. Not only does the Fiesta sell like automotive hotcakes on the new car market, where it has been the countries best seller for almost a decade, but they fly off the shelves on the used car market too, yes over 93,000 of them! Interestingly, this doesn’t seem to have damaged the resale value too badly though. For a 2014 model with low miles, you can expect to pay between £5,000 and £5,500 from a reputable dealer.

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