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The benefits of an Audi service

By Stephen Turvil | July 19, 2022


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Audi service: premium care and value for money

The benefits of an Audi service

An Audi service ensures your car works at its best and is tremendous value for money. Part of its purpose is to check the vehicle is safe whilst official checks by Audi themselves create a paper trail that proves the vehicle has been cared for, optimising its value should you eventually trade-in. 

Book Audi service online 

An Audi service can be booked online in just a few clicks. To do so, enter the vehicle’s registration number and your postcode. You then select the type of service your car needs. An Oil Service is the basic choice while an Oil and Inspection Service is the more comprehensive option that includes a pollen filter replacement and a vehicle road test. Full details of what is and isn’t included can be found here;

Oil Oil and Inspection
Fluid levels check  X X
Exterior and underbody visual check X X
Interiors and electrics inspection X X
Vehicle condition report X X
Oil filter replacement X X
Pollen filter replacement  X
Vehicle road test  X

Audi Free Vehicle Health Check

Audi offers free extras with a service. Simply select any you require online at the time of booking. With a Vehicle Health Check, your Audi technician will create a brief video that explains the current wear levels of your car. The manufacturer does not charge for the video and if you want to authorise any work that the technician feels is required you can do so electronically within moments.

Audi technicians and parts

Audi is better placed to service your car than its rivals. Its technicians have brand specific training, tools, and experience that cannot be matched elsewhere. It also only fits genuine parts rather than inferior copies. This guarantees the best fit and performance. Audi also offers a full exterior clean and interior valet as part of the process. 

Audi Service Price Match

The Audi Service Price Match ensures your car’s maintenance is excellent value for money. The manufacturer will match any like-for-like quote from a competitor who uses genuine parts. 

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