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The best cars of the Munich Motor Show

By Ted Welford | September 5, 2023


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The motor show is making a comeback and this week the car world’s spotlight has been cast on Munich.

The best cars of the Munich Motor Show

Also known as IAA Mobility, the Munich motor show featured a number of high-profile show debuts and releases, not only from the German automotive industry but further afield as well. 

From ground-breaking electric cars to new superminis and everything in between, let’s take a look at the best cars from this year’s Munich Motor Show. 

Audi Q6 e-tron

It’s been more than two years since Audi revealed its last new car, which is a long time for a firm with a range as expansive. While Audi might not have revealed its new Q6 e-tron in full, the brand has shown the new electric SUV’s interior for the first time. 

Featuring a fresh new look for Audi, the interior uses curved displays and a host of eco-friendly materials as well. The Q6 will be the first model built on Audi and Porsche’s shared Premium Platform Electric (PPE) underpinnings. The full car is expected to be revealed before the end of the year. 

BMW Neue Klasse 

BMW might not have revealed any production-ready metal at this year’s Munich show, but it arguably showed something even more important - its Neue Klasse, or ‘new class’. 

BMW Neue Klasse 

Signalling what we can expect from a new era of BMW due to kick off in 2025, it paves the way for new electric technologies and a whole different way of defining what a BMW is. There’s a new generation of the firm’s iDrive infotainment system, along with a far greater use of recycled materials that aim to bring down the car’s carbon footprint. 

Mercedes Concept CLA

Mercedes now has one of the most expansive line-ups of electric cars of any maker, and that is set to grow again in 2024 with the arrival of a battery-powered CLA. 

Previewed in concept form for the first time at Munich, it features a similar silhouette to the existing CLA, but with radical new design cues such as an illuminated patterned grille and wraparound lighting. Mercedes is using its expertise from its EQXX Concept to enhance the CLA’s efficiency as well, with the firm nicknaming it the ‘electric hypermiler’. Mercedes promises a range of more than 450 miles and very quick charging times. 

Mini Cooper

Another long-awaited car shown for the first time at the Munich Motor Show is the new Mini Cooper. Though petrol models will follow, it was revealed purely in electric form and made quite a statement. 

While still unmissable as a Mini, the design has been simplified with more classic styling cues introduced. The cabin has been modernised too, with the new Cooper (it’s worth noting it will no longer be called a Hatch) being the first car to use a super-slim OLED touchscreen. Two new electric powertrains are being used, with a maximum range of 248 miles – considerably more than the current Mini Electric.

Mini Countryman 

It was a busy year for Mini at Munich as it also revealed its new Countryman - the next-generation version of the popular SUV. Featuring another bold design, it’s surprisingly different to the outgoing model and aims to tap into this bustling market with its choice of petrol engines and electric powertrain that boasts a range of up to 287 miles. 

It’s packed full of technology while growing in size allows it to offer more space for passengers and luggage. As a result, it opens up a gap that Mini looks to fill with its smaller Aceman crossover. 

Renault Scenic 

You might remember the Renault Scenic as a practical MPV that launched in the late ‘90s and ran all the way up to 2020 when falling demand for people carriers like it meant the model was sadly killed off. 

But the Scenic name is making a comeback in 2023 as a new electric SUV. Featuring familiar styling elements from the excellent Megane E-Tech Electric, the Scenic is a striking-looking model that is also said to boast impressive levels of interior space. A range of up to 365 miles when the battery is selected will also be a big advantage. 

Tesla Model 3

A few years ago, it would have seemed alien for Tesla to be at a major motor show. But the firm knows it must do this to remain relevant against growing competition. It’s why the firm showed off its upgraded Model 3, the best-selling saloon car that really helped Tesla to become the success it is today. 

Featuring a cleaner exterior design, the range of the Model 3 has also been upgraded to a claimed 426 miles owing to various efficiency tweaks. Tesla also promises a much-improved interior with higher-quality materials, addressing the main weakness of the outgoing car. 

Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept

Volkswagen’s GTI has been an icon in providing fast yet affordable fun cars for almost 50 years. Whether the GTI name would carry on into an electric age was slightly unknown, but the reveal of the ID. GTI concept at Munich is the best confirmation yet. Volkswagen has even admitted that an electric GTI model will make it into production in 2026. 

Based on the ID.2all revealed earlier in the year, this concept manages to carry over many of the legendary GTI styling cues and should appeal to loyalists of Volkswagen’s legendary performance cars. No power or performance details were announced by Volkswagen, however. 

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