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The New Audi A1 CityCarver is Ready to Tear up Suburbia

By Phil Gardner | August 8, 2019


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Yet another vehicle added to Audi’s model lineup

Audi is looking to expand its substantial model lineup into niche markets that we barely even knew existed. Last year in the UK they sold a hefty 143,739 models but that figure is now merely a benchmark as the number of models in their showroom has never been greater and in September we’ll be treated to a new A1 ‘CityCarver’. Despite the somewhat divisive model name, the City Carver looks like a promising package. It’s a model built upon the A1 Sportback platform which takes a more aggressive approach to inner-city driving.

The styling changes aren’t particularly subtle, and the muscular appearance is primarily achieved thanks to wheel arch enhancements and redesigned sills in stylish, contrasting colours. Underneath, the CityCarver boasts a strengthened stainless steel undertray to provide additional protection to the underbody. There is also 4cm more ground clearance which might not sound like much but it really adds an awful lot to road presence compared to the standard A1.

The New Audi A1 CityCarver is Ready to Tear up Suburbia Image 2

Upfront the A1 CityCarver boasts that octagonal nose piece which looks like it has come straight from Audis larger ‘Q’ range of SUVs. The iconic honeycomb mesh is still present and surrounded by matte black bodywork which really sets the car off. From the front, the CityCarver is immediately distinguishable from the A1 Sportback thanks to two thin, horizontal slits beneath the bonnet lid.

The New Audi A1 CityCarver is Ready to Tear up Suburbia Image 1

The A1 CityCarver goes on sale with a range of up to 9 bodywork colours to choose from which can be mixed-and-matched to suit the buyer's needs and, as standard, buyers will be able to choose between a contrasting ‘Mythos Black’ roof or a slightly more subtle ‘Manhattan Grey’ roof.

Just because the A1 is Audis most accessible car, doesn’t mean they have taken any shortcuts with the interior. The A1 CityCarver has a huge 8.8-inch colour touchscreen taking centre stage of the dashboard, and behind the wheel, there is an even bigger 10.25-inch fully-digital cockpit which is highly customisable as standard, but if you tick the option box for the virtual cockpit then the functionality and flexibility of the cockpit screen increases massively. You really need to have a play around with Audis virtual cockpit to appreciate just how cool (and somewhat geeky) the technology really is.

The New Audi A1 CityCarver is Ready to Tear up Suburbia Image 0

If you like to wade into the optional extras list then you will be happy to know that the Comfort and Sound Pack includes a range of functionality and features which will appeal to a lot of prospective buyers. First of all the sound system is improved to a Bang & Olufsen ‘3D’ sound-system with ‘acoustic and visual assistance’ - which sounds rather fancy. Front parking sensors are also included in this package to complement the rear parking sensors, which are a standard feature. Heated front seats are also included in this package too.

Standard specs are pretty impressive in the CityCarver model. You get 335 litres of boot space, 17-inch alloy wheels, a pretty spoiler, full LED headlights and dynamic rear indicators. That's plenty of kit, surely?

The A1 CityCarver will be available to order in the UK in September but there’s no harm in registering your interest as soon as you can, just to make sure you’re one of the first buyers on the road in this stylish new supermini-crossover.

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