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The new DS 3 Crossback is Available to Order in the UK

By Phil Gardner | October 2, 2019


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DS 3 marque. It’s the first DS car built on the PSA Group’s (Citroen/ Peugeot/ Vauxhall) ‘Common Modular Platform’ which also exists inside the Vauxhall Corsa and Peugeot 208, but don’t associate the DS 3 Crossback with those models, instead consider the likes of the MINI Countryman and Audi Q2. These are the two vehicles that the DS 3 Crossback considers to be its main rivals. Lifted-small cars with a premium twist. The DS 3 Crossback is the slightly smaller of the two ‘premium’ competitors.

The DS 3 Crossback will soon be available as a fully electric car under the model name ‘E-TENSE.’ Deliveries are due from January 2020, with a potential range of 200 miles and priced from £32,350. So it’s something to keep an eye out for.

The new DS 3 Crossback is Available to Order in the UK Image 1

So, what is the DS 3 Crossback like?

It’s a very quirky thing. The interior is wonderfully crafted with extremely unorthodox styling which all makes for a luxurious and welcoming cabin. The centre console is littered with vents and an array of buttons which are all arranged in a truly unique diamond structure. Our favourite interior feature would certainly be the surprisingly clever digital driving display which is highly customisable and intuitive.

The new DS 3 Crossback is Available to Order in the UK Image 6

The exterior is equally striking thanks to the undeniably beautiful front grille as well as the Matrix LED headlights which are a standard feature on all DS 3 Crossback models. The body shape is nicely complemented by the flush door handles

The new DS 3 Crossback is Available to Order in the UK Image 2

There are three petrol engines to choose from and one diesel engine. The most popular engine choice is the 1.2-litre Puretech petrol engine with 130 PS which provides plenty of grunt for driving around town and once it's up to speed on the motorway the engine is pleasantly refined. This engine returned 47mpg on the combined cycle when tested to new WLTP testing standards.

There is a Diesel option, called the 100HDi model, and this would be a pretty stellar choice for buyers who tend to cover a lot of motorway miles. The engine isn’t particularly quick, as it isn’t required to be, however it is rather economical. The Diesel engine should return more than 60 mpg on the combined cycle when driven efficiently, all while remaining suitably quiet and composed.

The new DS 3 Crossback is Available to Order in the UK Image 5

There are 15 different models of the DS 3 Crossback to choose from and 4 engines to decide between. We’d recommend getting down to a ‘DS Auto-Salon’ (which is the fancy name for their boutique dealerships) to fully appreciate the DS3 Crossback

The DS 3 Crossback went on sale back in May and your local dealership will already have a range of models ready to be test-driven - which is the best way to get an idea of what a car like the DS 3 Crossback is all about. DS dealerships are also currently enticing buyers with a 24-hour test drive incentive, so you can get a feel for what this car has to offer and measure how easily it could slip into your life. Entry models start from £21,550, which is fairly accessible, and prices rise up to £33,950 for the top-spec model but there is a huge list of options to choose from within that price range. The latest leasing offers include:

  • DS 3 Crossback Elegance £225 p/m + advance rental
  • DS 3 Crossback Performance Line £249 p/m + advance rental
  • DS 3 Crossback Prestige £229 p/m + advance rental

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