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The New Rolls-Royce SUV

By Phil Gardner | October 15, 2018


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Introducing the Cullinan. Is this the most highly anticipated Rolls-Royce car ever?

The name ‘Cullinan’ is derived from the largest diamond ever discovered, which now resides within the British Crown Jewels. It was discovered in South Africa and weighs in at 3,106.75 carats and some believe its current value to sit at around $400 million. The rich and regal heritage behind the name ‘Cullinan’ goes some way to hinting at what’s in store with the Rolls-Royce, which is likely to be the most desirable and exclusive car in the world.

No two Cullinan models are likely to ever be the same. Each will be handmade at the Goodwood plant, as we’ve come to expect from Rolls-Royce, and each will be spec’d to their customer's needs. The level of detail available when configuring a Cullinan is like nothing the motor industry has ever seen before. There are up to 4,400 paint options available.

The New Rolls Royce SUV

Underneath the bonnet, there is a 6.75 litre twin-turbo V12 engine providing the silkiest of power input. The ride will be based on the ‘magic carpet’ technology existent across the Rolls-Royce range, meaning it will likely be the smoothest riding car on the market.

Of course, there will be power - lots of it. The engine will throw out an impressive 563 brake horsepower, but a more important 850 Newton-meters of torque. Do bear in mind that the Cullinan is going to be pretty heavy. In fact, it will weigh 2,660 kilograms which is roughly the same as an African Forest Elephant. This means that even with all that power it will still be a few seconds slower to 60 mph than the more ‘affordable’ Bentley Bentayga, however thanks to all the torque it will have a towing capacity of 2,700 kilograms… another African Forest Elephant.

In terms of size, how does it compare to the already colossal Bentayga? Well, it will be 200mm longer, 166mm wider and 93mm taller than the Bentley so prospective buyers should probably get in touch with their local supermarkets to enquire about preferential treatment in the car park.

The New Rolls Royce SUV

As the saying goes, it’s what’s inside that counts. So what can you expect inside the Cullinan? Well, every single model will be bespoke to the buyer's needs, desires and lifestyles. So luxurious options vary as far as lambswool foot mats to a rear seat home-theatre package in their mind-blowing online car configurator. However, if you are fortunate enough to be in a position to put down an order, they’re likely to listen to your requests...

Now, the most important bit - the price. It seems like Rolls-Royce are doing their utmost to keep the price of the Cullinan under wraps. It will surely go toe-to-toe with the Phantom in terms of value, which means at the very least we will see a starting price of around £250,000 - and that is being very, very conservative.

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