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The Volkswagen e-Golf Explained

By Phil Gardner | March 31, 2019


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The in’s and out’s of Volkswagens best performing Electric Car and their huge discount

The Volkswagen e-Golf Explained

The electric revolution is really taking off. More and more people are turning their noses up at petrol and diesel cars and instead opting for sustainably sourced alternatives. There are one or two problems though. Firstly, the best looking and best performing ‘EV’s cost an arm and a leg. Tesla’s, for example, can cost in excess of £100,000. Then, the more realistic electric cars, like the Nissan Leaf and the Renault Zoe, tend to have a modern design which has proved divisive. Perhaps a bit too electric-y?


Happily, Volkswagen has entered the world of electric cars with an EV that ticks a lot of boxes. It is based on their ever-popular Golf hatchback so it is practical, roomy, nice to drive and modest to own. The e-Golf is perhaps the perfect first EV for buyers who are considering making the change over to electric power but are apprehensive for whatever reason.

So, what's the deal with it?

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Well, the e-Golf is powered by a 114 horsepower electric motor which powers the front wheels. This all comes from a 24.2-kilowatt battery which is positioned deep between the axles, providing a low centre of gravity. The e-Golf was updated in 2017 which improved the electric range from 126 miles to a quoted 186 miles. Under real-life testing, however, the actual achievable figure is 144 miles of range on one full battery.

Speaking of the battery, it’s an extremely advanced lithium-ion unit which is said to deliver a throttle response 5 times faster than that of a combustion-powered Golf. The car has an official top speed of around 90 mph which isn’t mind-blowing, neither is the official 0-60 mph time which is over 10 seconds. However, the electric motor delivers a huge lump of torque from a low speed which only drops off as you pick up speed. Around town the e-Golf isn’t just nippy, it’s really rather fast. The EV revolution will not be as boring as you first thought. The battery can go from dead to 80% charged in just 45 minutes on a rapid charger, which is exceptionally convenient.

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Inside the e-Golf isn’t really that much different from a fossil-powered Golf, which is kind of the point. The e-Golf isn’t too shouty about the fact that it’s electric, it blends into traffic seamlessly, and why would you change a winning formula? The utilitarian, classy and well-built interior of the regular Golf pleases so many buyers that they’ve decided to leave it pretty much the same for the electric model, and we’ve got zero complaints.

So, let's talk about money.

Volkswagen is currently offering the e-Golf at a very affordable £275 per month on their ‘Solutions’ PCP deal, and with this offer, you get a £2,000 dealership contribution with a low APR of 2.5% and this includes a £3,500 government grant contribution. Until the 30th of June. If you were to buy the e-Golf outright, prices would start from £30,340 after the incentive.

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