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The World's Weirdest Driving Laws

By Mathilda Bartholomew | August 8, 2023


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Discover the world's weirdest driving laws that could lead to unexpected fines for UK drivers in foreign lands.

In a world full of diverse customs and traditions, it turns out that even the roads have their own set of quirky laws. A car rental company, Drive South Africa, has taken it upon themselves to enlighten holidaymakers about some of the most unusual driving laws across the globe, ensuring that UK drivers stay informed and avoid any unforeseen fines during their journeys.


For instance, let's take a virtual drive to Oregon, USA, where an intriguing law has been set in motion. In this picturesque state, it is strictly illegal to open your vehicle's door in an environment that might pose a threat to pedestrians, cyclists, or obstruct the flow of traffic. Such an act can attract the attention of law enforcement, resulting in a Class D traffic violation and a fine of roughly £195.

Meanwhile, in sunny California, an old law that has yet to be overturned bans female motorists from driving while adorned in a bathrobe. Although locals admit this peculiar rule is no longer strictly enforced, it still serves as an intriguing piece of history.


Venture to the enchanting roads of Spain, and you'll find a different set of stringent driving codes. Should you dare to drive while wearing flip flops or high heels, or if you choose to hit the road without wearing a shirt, be prepared to face fines of approximately £170. Moreover, the Spanish are quite sensitive about playing loud music from vehicles in designated "quiet zones," such as outside hospitals, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a peaceful atmosphere for patients.

South Africa

Traveling further afield to South Africa, it's essential to be mindful of the laws governing convoy travel. On weekends, it's considered against the law to form a convoy of six or more vehicles, a curious regulation that might take some tourists by surprise.


Lastly, as you bid your farewells to friends and family in Australia, it's best to avoid any hand gestures out of car windows, such as waving goodbye. This seemingly innocent act could lead to the police issuing a substantial fine of around £175. It's always safer to express your sentiments before embarking on your journey.

It's no wonder that the RAC's recent survey revealed that a significant 76 percent of British motorists experience nervousness when driving abroad. To alleviate such anxieties, it's suggested to conduct thorough research on local driving laws, speed limits, and required equipment before setting off on your adventures. Additionally, staying open to adapting to different driving styles, can ensure a smoother and penalty-free experience on foreign roads.

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