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This Domino’s delivery car from the 1980s resembles a spaceship

By Mathilda Bartholomew | April 4, 2024


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In the 1980s, retrofuturism gripped popular culture, exemplified by iconic films like 'Back to the Future,' which hit theatres in 1985, showcasing yet another futuristic marvel: the DeLorean car.

Back in 1985, Domino’s Pizza rolled out a fleet of delivery cars that could easily be mistaken for futuristic spacecraft ready to battle aliens rather than deliver your favourite pizza.

These Tritan A2 cars, commissioned by Domino’s founder Tom Monaghan, were equipped with warming ovens in the back to ferry pizzas around Ann Arbor, Michigan, where Domino’s is based.

Fast forward to today, and only a handful of these unique vehicles still exist. One lucky survivor hit the auction block in Las Vegas on December 12th, 2023, selling for $25,500.

Despite its undeniable cool factor, even the previous owner admits that driving it is far from a breeze, and its pizza-delivery capabilities were likely subpar at best. However, the Tritan does boasts impressive aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, managing up to 80 miles per gallon.

Designed by engineers James and Douglas Amick, the Tritan A2 sports an unconventional look with its large rear wings aimed at harnessing crosswinds for propulsion. However, the practicality of this design leaves much to be desired. With its arrow-head shape and canopy doors, it's more novelty than practical transport. Plus, with room for just two passengers and a fiberglass body perched on three wheels, it's technically classified as a motorcycle.

Chuck Sinnott, the previous owner, describes the Tritan's driving experience as less than ideal, citing its low clearance and poor visibility. Despite its drawbacks, Sinnott enjoyed showcasing the car at local car shows, usually towing it on a trailer. 

As for Domino’s, they've moved on from the Tritan era, exploring various innovative delivery methods, including electric cars and autonomous delivery machines. But the Tritan A2 remains a nostalgic relic of the '80s, captivating collectors with its blend of quirkiness and retro charm.

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