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Top 10 tips To save money on car insurance in 2021

By Stephen Turvil | May 11, 2021


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Cut the cost of car insurance via these fast, intuitive, easy to follow tips that could save you a small fortune

Top 10 tips To save money on car insurance in 2021

Car insurance has got cheaper on average since lockdown forced drivers off the road and cut the number of claims. However, you could save yet more money thanks to these quick, simple, easy to follow tips. This is a golden opportunity to get a tremendous deal.

Shop about

Car insurance quotes vary immensely so it is important to get multiple quotes via a comparison website. This step alone might save you hundreds of pounds. It is also unwise to accept your current insurer’s renewal quote without first confirming it is value for money. There is a good chance you can do far, far better.

Optional extras

Your car insurance quote likely includes optional extras that increase the cost. Remove any unnecessary extras. You might not need a free courtesy car if you only drive once a month, for example. You might not want breakdown insurance if you can personally fix your car. Pick any extras you need but nothing else. 


The excess is the amount you pay toward a claim if there is a collision, theft, or other mishap. The total might include a compulsory element and a voluntary element. Increasing any voluntary element might cut the cost of insurance. However, best not make the total excess so high that you cannot afford to pay it should you be involved in an accident. 

Named driver

Adding a named driver to the policy might cut the premium. Only if you pick the right person, though. Choose someone who has been driving for some years, has not been convicted of a motoring offence, and is passed the first flush of youth. In contrast, adding a young person with convictions might increase your premium.

Mileage allowance

The insurance quote is influenced by how many miles you drive per annum. The higher the mileage the higher the premium. On this basis, realistically estimate the mileage rather than overstate it.

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Driving style

Convictions for speeding, drink-driving, and other offences can significantly increase the cost of insurance. Drive sensibly to avoid such issues. Earning a no claims bonus can also cut the cost. 

Insurance group

When buying a car, note its insurance group rating. The scale is one to 50. Pick a car that has a low rating to cut the cost of insurance. In general terms a very fast, powerful, and expensive sports car is likely to have a higher rating than a cheap city car. 


Top 10 tips To save money on car insurance in 2021 Image

Modifications such as performance upgrades, body kits, and fancy wheels can increase the cost of insurance. Pick upgrades with care.

Black Box

A telematics system can be fitted to your car. This black box monitors your driving style, how far you drive, and whether you take rests on longer trips. Based on such information, the insurer might conclude you are ‘low risk’ then give you a favourable quote.


It tends to be cheaper to pay car insurance via a lump sum rather than monthly instalments. The latter typically adds interest.

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