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ULEZ cameras covered over with bags and boxes as Londoners fight against hated scheme

By Tom Gibson | March 28, 2023


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Khan has come under criticism for expanding the ULEZ scheme and his opponents have taken it into their own hands to help fight the expansion.

ULEZ cameras covered over with bags and boxes as Londoners fight against hated scheme

Opponents of London's ULEZ expansion are resorting to guerrilla tactics in their fight against the controversial scheme. Cameras equipped with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, which Transport for London (TfL) plans to use to enforce the ULEZ, have been covered with shopping bags and cardboard boxes.

The ANPR cameras, of which more than 300 have been recently installed, are due to total 2,750 by the ULEZ expansion launch date on August 29. One camera was covered with a box reading 'stop electing idiots.'

The ULEZ scheme aims to reduce air pollution in London by charging drivers whose cars don't meet minimum emissions standards a £12.50 daily fee for entering the zone.

However, campaigners have raised privacy concerns, as the Metropolitan Police and British Transport Police will have access to the cameras for crime-fighting purposes.

Critics argue that Mayor Sadiq Khan's decision to expand the zone unfairly targets the poor. Some have taken to social media to applaud the guerrilla campaigners, while others have expressed concern over the potential health risks of pollution.

The campaign against the ULEZ has also included the cutting of wires and painting of lenses on cameras in Abbey Wood, Greenwich, as well as cameras being ripped from their perches and thrown on the ground.

Chris Rose tweeted: 'Absolutely love that locals in London have covered the money grabbing ULEZ cameras with cardboard boxes and bags for life.'

Not everyone was in favour of the bags covering the cameras, with Twitter user Scott asking: 'Who wants to live in a city full of dirty air?' 

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