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Vauxhall Winter Check Up Keeps Your Car Safe & Reliable for £15

By Stephen Turvil | December 23, 2019


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Vauxhall Winter Check Up ensures your car is safe, reliable, and ready whatever the weather – for just £15 or less

Vauxhall Winter Check Up Keeps Your Car Safe & Reliable for £15

Be confident on the road this winter

The Vauxhall Winter Check Up is a comprehensive, low cost inspection that ensures your car is ready for whatever your lifestyle demands – even in extreme winter weather. You can, therefore, visit friends, explore the shops, take your dog to a snowy beach, and enjoy countless other adventures with the confidence which comes from knowing your car is in prime condition.

The Vauxhall Winter Check Up costs very little considering the benefits. Pay £10 if you are a Vauxhall Service Club member, for example (£15 otherwise). Note too that the manufacturer wants you to be safe, secure, and happy on the road this winter whatever brand of car you own. ‘All brands’ can be inspected, Vauxhall says.

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But why have a winter check? Because winter exposes flaws that might make your car breakdown. Low temperature might kill the battery if it is past its best, for example. Furthermore, the rain, snow, and ice typical of winter increase the likelihood of a collision. Now – more than ever – your tyres, lights, brakes, and other components must be in excellent condition to reduce the risk.

All drivers can book online below

What Vauxhall Winter Check Up covers

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A Vauxhall Winter Check Up focuses on a wide range of parts. The battery is checked, for starters. If there is cause for concern, it can, therefore, be replaced at a convenient time rather than at the point of total failure when the engine cannot start. As relevant to your vehicle, other components the manufacturer checks include:

lights and electrical (e.g. external lights, internal lights, horn, wipers, washers, heating ventilation and air-con)

external and internal (e.g. brakes, clutch, transmission, engine, glass and mirrors, seatbelts)

under the bonnet (e.g. fluid levels, leaks, drive belts)

brakes and hubs (e.g. brake fluid, master cylinder, pads, shoes, discs, drums, hoses, pipes, cables, wheel bearings)

underside (e.g. steering, suspension, driveshafts, gaiters, oil leaks, exhaust)

wheels and tyres (e.g. condition, pressures, inflation kit).

The Vauxhall Winter Check Up also includes fluid top-ups (if required). Antifreeze, for example. This stops the water that cools your engine freezing, expanding, and cracking expensive components.

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All drivers, all makes & brands can book online - View the advert on this page for full T&C's & to book

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