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Volkswagen ID.X electric concept car revealed with 329 bhp

By Stephen Turvil | May 24, 2021


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Volkswagen reveals its quick, electric, concept car that has aggressive styling and is based on the ID.3 hatchback

Volkswagen ID.X electric concept car revealed with 329 bhp
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The Volkswagen ID.X is a fast, fully electric, no-compromise concept car based on the ID.3. This hot hatch concept is significant even though it is unlikely to be mass-produced. It reveals what style of fast, electric, zero-emission car the manufacturer is likely to offer in the near future. Volkswagen plans to ‘take many ideas’ from its striking concept, it confirmed.

Volkswagen ID.X electric concept car revealed with 329 bhp Image

Sporty styling

The Volkswagen ID.X has in-your-face styling that guarantees it gets noticed. Its dark grey paintwork is complemented by fluorescent green accents, for starters. See them close to the outer sills, above the side windows, on the rear bumper, and elsewhere. The black roof, distinctive alloy wheels, and low profile tyres further emphasise this is a high-performance vehicle.

The interior also has special features. Highlights include bucket seats that hold you tight in position while cornering at high speed. The ‘ID.X’ logo is prominent on the backrests. And naturally, the fluorescent green from the exterior is present too. It is on the seats, steering wheel, mats, and around the air vents.

Power, speed, and all-wheel drive

The Volkswagen ID.X has the power to match the in-your-face styling. Expect 329 bhp from the zero-emission electric motor. It also charges to 62 mph in only 5.3 seconds. For comparison, the ID.3 – the production car on which the concept is based – produces 201 bhp in its most fiery form and takes 7.3 seconds to hit 62 mph. 

The ID.X also has all-wheel drive whereas its sibling has rear-wheel. All-wheel drive improves traction. It is easier to start from a standstill if the road is wet, for instance. It also helps you maintain momentum, feels more confident, and recover from any mistakes that quick cars more typically punish. That is reassuring.

Volkswagen ID.X electric concept car revealed with 329 bhp Image

Drift mode

Drift mode is a feature that further proves the vehicle is hardcore. In summary, it transfers a high percentage of power to the rear wheels so the car is more likely to oversteer. It is more likely to drift. You then have the fun of catching it. Naturally, the system is designed for track days rather than public roads.

Bright future

The Volkswagen ID.X is clearly a statement of intent. The manufacturer is confirming it will continue to sell quick, powerful, thrilling cars as electric propulsion becomes the dominant force. That is important. VW is heavily associated with high performance and it wants to maintain this status as traditional engines get increasingly rare. The future looks bright.

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