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Volkswagen Release Their First Official Teaser of the New Golf

By Phil Gardner | September 2, 2019


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It’s our first glimpse at the new generation of Volkswagen’s most famous model

Volkswagen Release Their First Official Teaser of the New Golf

Volkswagen has announced an Autumn launch of the eighth generation of their most iconic model and they’ve leaked some photos to start building up the hype ahead of its official unveiling.

So, what’s worth noting?

Well, Volkswagen has only given us images of the Golf wearing a zebra-themed camouflage outfit. This makes it tricky to get any real idea of the body lines and shaping, but you get a rough idea of what to expect.

You’ll notice that these early photos all hide the Volkswagen symbol at the front of the car. This is because Volkswagen will be releasing the new Mark 8 Golf with a brand new VW logo which is likely to then be rolled out across the range as the current models are progressively replaced.

Inside, we’ve been promised a revolutionised interior in the Golf, which has stayed very true to its general form for 7 generations now. This new model will boast a minimalistic interior with far fewer buttons and less unnecessary furniture. The dashboard will consist of two large screens, one serving as the instrument cluster and the other serving as the infotainment and functionality hub.

Volkswagen Release Their First Official Teaser of the New Golf Image 3

Head Designer, Klaus Bischoff, stated: “At this time, we will not disclose all details of the new Golf, but you can already perceive its elegant proportions.”

“The next generation will be a genuine eye-catcher!”

Volkswagen has confirmed that the new Golf will continue to be produced at the home of Volkswagen, in Wolfsburg, Germany, where they currently produce a staggering 2,000 Golf vehicles every single day for markets in 108 countries. This is Europe’s largest car factory and it has produced a huge 35 million Golfs since the model was first launched back in 1974. The eighth-generation will be a hugely important car for the brand, and Volkswagen announced that roughly €1.8 billion worth of investment has gone into this new Golf model. We’re pretty confident VW are going to do an excellent job with this new Golf, they’re the experts at large family hatchbacks after all.

Volkswagen Release Their First Official Teaser of the New Golf Image 1

What else do we know about the new Golf?

The new model will be available as both a GTi and an R model, with the latter being the top performer. We also expect the 8th generation model to be about 50 kilos lighter than the 7th generation. There has been a strange silence surrounding the performance diesel ‘GTD’ model, with some sources speculating that this marque will be canned for the upcoming generation. The Golf was initially meant to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show alongside the new ID 3 electric hatchback, however, VW has pushed back the Golf launch so that their electric hatch can take all the limelight.

Still no word on starting price of the new Golf however we’re confident a price and spec list will be along soon enough, with deliveries of the first models expected in the UK at the start of 2020.

Like what you see? Let us know your thoughts on what we know so far about the Mark 8 Golf.

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