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VW Commerical Vehicle Service Promise & Price Match

By Stephen Turvil | December 24, 2019


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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Service Promise & Price Match keep your vehicle safe, reliable, and ready for work

VW Commerical Vehicle Service Promise & Price Match

Volkswagen 10 Point Service Promise

The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Service Promise keeps your vehicle safe, reliable, and ready for any task your business demands. The manufacturer knows such things are important. ‘A van is not just a van’, it emphasised. ‘It is the bedrock of your business.’ It has to be a reliable partner which gets the job done. 

VW Commerical Vehicle Service Promise & Price Match Image

The Volkswagen 10 Point Service Promise therefore incorporates features and benefits that keep your vehicle at its best, provide peace of mind, and make life easier. Consider the highlights below.

  • Quote. Volkswagen strives to be transparent. It therefore provides a quote before it services your vehicle. This helps you understand what work is required and manage your finances.
  • Estimate. If Volkswagen concludes your vehicle needs additional work, it provides a cost estimate and only proceeds with permission. The manufacturer does not take any liberties.
  • Appointment. Your Volkswagen Van Centre guarantees you an appointment within five working days.
  • Convenience. Volkswagen gives you choice when you book an appointment. Have your vehicle collected and returned, for example. Alternatively, choose a ‘while-you-wait’ appointment.
  • Courtesy vehicle. If your vehicle is off the road for more than two hours and within warranty, the manufacturer can lend you a comparable replacement. This helps you get back to work.
  • Initial diagnosis. If your vehicle breaks down and has to be recovered to a Volkswagen Van Centre, expect an initial diagnosis within one working day. This provides early insight.
  • Genuine parts. Volkswagen only fits its own components to guarantee the best fit, compatibility, and performance.
  • Warranty. Volkswagen has confidence in its components and technicians, so expect a two year parts and labour warranty.
  • Work explained. Volkswagen wants you to feel in control. It therefore explains what work your vehicle needs in simple terms.
  • Vehicle washed. Volkswagen washes your vehicle once it has been serviced. This is important. Clean windows and mirrors make driving safer as it is easier to see, for example. Also, a clean vehicle reflects well on your business.

VW Commerical Vehicle Service Promise & Price Match Image

Volkswagen Price Match Promise

The Volkswagen Price Match Promise further ensures you get value for money while maintaining your commercial vehicle. The manufacturer therefore matches any like-for-like quote. There are conditions, of course. These include that their competitor must be:

  • quoting for exactly the same work
  • promising to fit Volkswagen parts
  • committing to work in accordance with Volkswagen’s guidelines
  • within fifteen miles of a VW Van Centre (and VAT registered).

Volkswagen clearly has all bases covered – so trust it to maintain your commercial vehicle.

View the advert on this page for full terms and conditions & to book.

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