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VW launches moving new ‘YourWagen’ campaign

By Tom Gibson | May 14, 2024


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The new VW ad was launched in the UK last week and has got people talking

The new VW ad was launched in the UK last week and has got people talking

VW has launched its new campaign that looks set to be on our TV screens and other devices across the coming summer.

‘YourWagen’ is a minute-long commercial about all of the things the car, and more specifically, a Volkswagen, is good for.

“Without the Volks, there is no Wagen” is the closing shot and it’s fair to assume numerous readers watching the ad will have their own fond recollections of a VW they either currently or have previously owned – and we’d love to hear your stories about your old VW models in the comments section below.

VW UK head of marketing Sarah Cox-Thornley says: “This new brand platform is special. We’ve involved our customers and fans from the very start and worked with them to create something that we feel is truly unique and collaborative. It’s something that other brands simply couldn’t do and taps into the breadth and depth of our fanbase.

“Hearing some of the stories about customers and their cars has been a really wholesome experience and demonstrates how Volkswagen has always been, and will always be, an inclusive brand – that’s why it is the people’s car.”

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