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We want to know what the most annoying road habits are

By Tom Gibson | August 10, 2021


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From middle lane hogging to driving below the limit, we want to know what the most annoying motoring habits are for British drivers in 2021

We want to know what the most annoying road habits are

Let’s face it. Driving, at times, can bring out the worst in us. Motorists have a knack of being able to wind each other up and I’m sure most people reading this article will have wondered at one time or another quite how another road user ever passed their test. 

And although most incidents, fortunately, pass without harm, there are numerous maneuvers, overtakes and idles that happen daily on our roads that are downright dangerous. 

But out of all of these gripes, we want to know what our loyal Regit motorists find the most irritating. Give us your quick feedback here and we’ll share the results in next week’s newsletter. Apologies in advance if reading the options causes your blood to boil… 

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