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What Does Lockdown 2.0 Mean for UK Car Buyers?

By Phil Gardner | November 10, 2020


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Can you still buy a car under the new lockdown rules?

What Does Lockdown 2.0 Mean for UK Car Buyers?

So it feels like we’re back where we started in March, but in reality, we’re in a much better position as we head into this new, second national lockdown. Industries have adapted to flexible working and the manufacturing industries will be allowed to continue producing, so what does this mean for car buyers in the UK over the next few weeks?

Non-essential retail was the first industry to have its doors forcibly shut under new lockdown rules. This means the auction houses and car showrooms must remain closed until the 2nd of December at the earliest. Typically, the industry has quickly adapted to ever-changing circumstances. The good news is, if you’re hoping to buy a brand new car, you can still do so - you might find it even easier than ever before.

What Does Lockdown 2.0 Mean for UK Car Buyers? Image


New and Used car dealerships up and down the country are open for business virtually, with online viewings and on-call salesman ready to aid you through the car buying process. The Chorley Group posted an excellent video explaining how they are still operating, with their staff able to answer customer calls until 11pm at night.



That’s just one example of a car dealership group adapting to the circumstances and remaining open for business. The truth is that all manufacturers are now catering for online purchases. If you have seen a car online that you’re interested in, don’t wait for the lockdown to end - launch your enquiry today. The only stipulation under new guidelines is that your vehicle will need to be paid for prior to collection day, much like you’d expect from the click + collect services available from supermarkets and a number of other retail outlets.

It’s also worth noting that dealerships will be particularly keen to get some decent numbers on the wall for the month of November, so now might be a very good opportunity to find a good deal as they’ll be keen to sell and there should be plenty of stock to choose from.

What if your current car needs some TLC?

Thankfully, the government guidelines state that garages and repair centres are allowed to remain open for servicing, repairs and MOTs. This means that you are able to drop your vehicle off and pay on collection in a COVID secure manner, so there is no need to put off any essential work that your vehicle needs over the coming weeks. 


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