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Where in the UK has the most amount of potholes?

By Mathilda Bartholomew | October 26, 2023


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One county tops the list with over 200,000 potholes reported from 2020-2022

Where in the UK has the most amount of potholes?

Estimates suggest that the UK is grappling with over a million potholes, making them a primary culprit behind car breakdowns. Currently, the Government has designated £5 billion to address this issue until 2025. But where in the UK has the worst road conditions?

Go.Compare car insurance has conducted research, unveiling the regions in the UK where drivers are likely to encounter the highest number of potholes.

Having initiated over 300 Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to councils throughout England and Wales, Go.Compare sought to identify the areas in the UK most in need of pothole repair. The findings indicate that Derbyshire County Council leads the chart, with a staggering 215,787 reported potholes between January 2020 and December 2022.

Durham and Lancashire County Councils also reported upwards of 180,000 potholes during the same three-year span. Notably, four out of the top five counties in the list are located in the northern part of the country.

Councils Number of reported potholes (2020-2022)
Derbyshire County Council 215,787
Durham County Council 189,821
Lancashire County Council 189,461
Surrey County Council 142,564
Northumberland Country Council 132,319
Oxfordshire County Council 79,795
Kirklees Council 73,721
Somerset Country Council 59,185
Staffordshire County Council 58,689
Kent County Council 58,28

Derbyshire County Council consistently claimed the annual pothole crown, reporting the highest numbers in both 2020 (73,435) and 2021 (75,677). In 2022, Lancashire County Council edged ahead, taking the lead with 67,439 reported potholes.

Yet, the pothole predicament isn't confined to northern England alone. The idyllic roads of Somerset, Surrey, Oxfordshire, and Kent also make their mark in the top ten, showcasing that potholes are a nationwide challenge.

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