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Why the Skoda Octavia iV is a fantastic company car

By Stephen Turvil | August 14, 2021


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The Skoda Octavia iV’s low running costs, clever equipment, and excellent road manners make it a great company car.

Why the Skoda Octavia iV is a fantastic company car
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The Skoda Octavia iV SE L is one of the best company cars of its class, generation, and price. Why is obvious at a glance. This plug-in hybrid has specific skills that make travelling for business cost effective, convenient, and enjoyable. Let us summarise why this vehicle deserves a spot in the company car park. 

Low running costs

The Skoda Octavia iV SE L has very low running costs. Consider company car tax. If, for example, your personal income tax rate is 20% you pay less than £500 in 2021/22. You pay less than £1,000 if your income tax rate is 40%. Such figures are small because the vehicle has extremely low emissions. The range is 21g/km to 24g/km. 

Low emissions ensure road tax is cheap, too. The Octavia iV SE L can be taxed for free in year one. From year two, the cost only rises to £145 at today’s rate. And naturally, there is no need to buy much petrol. Combined fuel consumption is up to 282.5mpg. As the car is a plug-in hybrid, you can also travel without using any petrol at all via the electric motor. Your range is up to 43 miles.

Why the Skoda Octavia iV is a fantastic company car Image

Plenty of equipment

The Octavia iV SE L has equipment that makes travelling for business easy, relaxing, and fun. Skoda Connect is one of the highlights. Among other things, it guides you to electric car chargers via satellite navigation and reveals what they cost to use. On hot days, you can also cool the cabin remotely before setting off via a phone app. Simply switch on the air conditioning. 

The Octavia iV has a virtual cockpit rather than traditional instruments. It is essentially a large, high resolution, colour computer screen immediately behind the steering wheel. The benefit is that you can pick what information is displayed, and how it looks. The themes are: classic, basic, extended, modern, and sport. 

Spacious cabin

The Octavia iV has plenty of space for you, colleagues, and luggage. Four people travel in comfort and there is room for five at a push. The boot is big, too. Cargo capacity is 450 litres if you choose the hatchback. The estate’s capacity is 490 litres. There is also clever storage throughout the cabin. For starters, the 'jumbo box’ in the front central armrest chills food and drink.

Why the Skoda Octavia iV is a fantastic company car Image

Good to drive

The Octavia iV SE L is good to drive thanks to its composed suspension, well weighted steering, and responsive brakes. The transmission is also impressive. Whereas it is automatic, you can select all the gears manually if preferred. The Octavia also has plenty of power for a company car. It has 204PS which propels it to 62mph in only 7.5 seconds. That is fast. Prices start from £33,120. 

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