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Would you pay this much for a parking space?

By Tom Gibson | April 25, 2022


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Parking space in the sought-after area of Knightsbridge goes up for a whopping £350,000

Would you pay this much for a parking space?

A parking space has gone up for sale in central London for £350,000, just as the cost of living crisis bites across the country.

In a real eyebrow raiser for the vast majority of us, the parking space is yet another example of just how much money is in our capital city given the space up for sale measures just 3.18 by 6.30 metres, or 10 ft 4 inches by 20 ft by 6 inches.

Knightsbridge is one of the most expensive areas in London where properties sell for thousands of pounds per square foot.

Garages in inner-city London have been known to be sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds, especially if they have the chance to be converted to residential spaces and sold on for profit, although there is no chance of that with this purchase.

The asking price in itself is over the average house price in the UK by around £20,000 although it’s reported average asking prices in Knightsbridge itself are over £3m.

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