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You can’t park there!

By Tom Gibson | October 18, 2022


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Bizarre incident in car park leaves one car parked on top of another

You can’t park there!

A Sydney shopper was seemingly in such a hurry to make the latest sale they chose to ditch their car on top of another.

The Honda Civic chose a Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupe as its parking spot after apparently speeding in the busy car park and losing control.

The car hit the kerb and accelerated up on top of the Mercedes, which fortunately had no one in.

One driver at the scene said; “We were both trying to head out the boom gates and she tried to cut me off again and look what happened to her car, full went straight through the boom gates and flew straight past me.”

The driver of the Civic was also able to get out of the car without suffering any injuries.

A Tik Tok video went viral and led to a few funny comments. 

'Someone tell him that he still has to pay for parking,' said one user.

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