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Getting away for a day – or two!

By Phil Gardner | August 6, 2020


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Getting away for a day – or two!

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Coming out of lockdown is very exciting for many who will be looking to escape recent confinement, but much uncertainty remains about travelling abroad. Streams of traffic are now heading to the UK’s coastal resorts and beauty spots. 

The spring and summer has been fantastic for weather and it looks like August might continue to be rather pleasant. Thousands if not millions, will therefore flood to the usual places where we’re sure social distancing will be a challenge. 

Why not think about the alternative of a city break? 

London has been ridiculously quiet in recent months and whilst parking, congestion and diesel charges https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/congestion-charge might add to the cost of your break, there’s plenty to see and there might never be an opportunity like this for years to come.  

There are also other beautiful cities in the UK that have plenty to explore that are unlikely to be overrun with tourists from overseas. 

Here are a few thought starters for city visits that might otherwise never get on your horizon: 

Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Chester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Oxford, Sheffield. Do your own research before you set-off as there’s much to do and see, whatever your fancy!

Before jumping into your car and heading off into the sunshine, there’s lots to consider. If your car is older, check you have a current MOT.  

Getting away for a day – or two!  Image

The recent moratorium ended on the 1st August, so if you haven’t had a reminder then you might need to get it booked in quickly. Our friends at MotorEasy offer a handy reminder service and can also book you in for the MOT online and at an exceptionally low price. It might be best to get it serviced while it’s there too. Few realise that combining the MOT and service will save you a fortune over the years. Many of the checks are duplicated, so getting them done together is just common sense. 

Also check out your cars behaving properly, your air conditioning might need a re-gas and you might need to top up your levels and check your tyres. If your car’s been off the road for a while, have you got breakdown cover and does it get you and your passengers home, wherever you’re unfortunate? 

To cover yourself and your pocket completely, why don’t you check out MotorEasy car warranty where our readers can enjoy an exceptional offer six month’s extra cover for free (use code REGIT6). People will be keeping cars for longer until the economy recovers and an extended warranty is a sensible precaution - it will even cover your air-conditioning unit – and overheating! 

Now you’re properly protected, let’s get back to your adventures: Of course, if the city’s not for you, there are many smaller towns and hamlets worthy of a drive out. And if you want to get into the countryside but avoid the rush, then check-out what’s happening in those sleepier beauty spots looked after by the National Trust. https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/

This should all set you up to a journey to who knows where.

Happy motoring

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