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Why You Need An Extended Warranty Under Lockdown

By Phil Gardner | April 16, 2020


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Now is the perfect time to get a warranty for your car.

Why You Need An Extended Warranty Under Lockdown

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In these tricky times, you may have noticed that life under lockdown involves your car sitting outside for a good few days, even weeks, at a time. While it’s easy to sit back and think that nothing can go wrong with a car if it isn’t getting driven, then sadly life doesn’t quite get that good. While your perishable parts, such as your brakes and clutch etc, will all be spared, a dormant car can pick up some nasty faults which can prove to be costly down the road.

First of all, your battery is going to lose its legs at one point or another without semi-frequent use. This might not seem like the end of the world, because it can always be jump-started, but using a car with a failing battery can cause undue stress on your starter motor and alternator - neither of which will be cheap to replace. 

Diesel drivers also have a headache to consider. A massive percentage of diesel cars will not be getting driven far or long enough for their diesel particulate filters to heat up, which is essential for them to work effectively. Over a prolonged period, this is going to cause a clogged up DPF which can put your car into limp mode and will certainly be expensive to replace.

There are countless other reasons why your car may become vulnerable to breakdowns or faults while left unused under lockdown, so, what can you do to prevent it costing you? Well, that’s where we can help.

We’re partnering with MotorEasy to provide our readership with a helpful deal on MotorEasy's car warranty products. All you need to do is use the code REGIT12 at checkout to get 6 months warranty completely free on a 12-month package.

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What is an extended warranty?

Typically, all brand new cars come with at least a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty covers the cost of most non-perishable parts if they break or malfunction within that 3 year period. Manufacturer warranties really can take the stress out of buying a new vehicle, but what about when that warranty expires?

Not all of us are lucky to be able to afford brand new vehicles, so that’s where MotorEasy can help. Their simple three-tier warranty plans enable motorists to drive away with peace of mind, knowing that if something does go wrong with their vehicle, MotorEasy will do their best to get it looked after and also foot the bill.

You can buy a MotorEasy warranty at any time as long as your car is under 12 years old and has done less than 120,000 miles. If something does go wrong with your car after lockdown, they can come and collect your vehicle, take it to one of 10,000 approved garages across the UK, have the vehicle repaired and then delivered back to your front door. They’ll also cover the bill with the garage directly, taking all the stress out of the process.

These are tough times for all of us across the country now and once we’re out of lockdown it looks like financial hardship is inevitable for a huge percentage of the population. Hopefully, MotorEasy can save you some money on your repairs down the line.

Click this link to get a quote for a warranty on your car now and use the code REGIT12 to get a FREE 6 MONTHS added to your warranty when you purchase a 12-month package.

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