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Pop Quiz: The History of The MINI

The big quiz about a certain small car…

Pop Quiz: The History of The MINI
By Phil Gardner
May 4, 2021
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The Mini, in one form or another, has been a stalwart on British roads since it first went on sale on the 26th of August 1959. It’s a car that is uniquely British and became an icon of pop culture in the 60s. The nation's admiration for the spritely little hatchback never really dyed down and although ownership of the brand has changed hands countless times, the MINIs we see in the showrooms today owe everything to the original Mark 1 from the 50s. 

There’s a lot to be proud of, so today we’re testing you to see just how much you know about the famous Mini as we take a stroll down memory lane. 10 quick multiple questions - let us know how you score in the comment section at the end!