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BMW iX M60 (2021 - )

BMW has given its flagship all-electric iX SUV model the company’s M sporting division’s treatment and it now becomes the Bavarian carmaker’s fastest-accelerating and most powerful EV to date.

Starting price:
£116,795 (£121,695 with options)

Why we love it:
  • Unique styling and sharp performance
  • Futuristic interior with a wealth of tech
  • Practical SUV with impressive driving range
Where it could be better:
  • Expensive (but so are closest rivals)
  • Exterior design divides opinion
  • Strong competition from other premium brands
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BMW iX M60

BMW has given its flagship all-electric iX SUV model the company’s M sporting division’s treatment and it now becomes the Bavarian carmaker’s fastest-accelerating and most powerful EV to date.

Despite its larger-than-life dimensions, the iX M60 boasts blistering pace that is closing in on supercar territory and it is packed with high-end technology. 

The interior is world class in its design and layout, with sumptuously comfortable seats and the driving range between charges also impresses.

And when it comes to performance and handling, this is an SUV with a personality all of its own. It’s unbelievably fast for a car of its size, yet can take all the softer day-to-day duties in its stride too.

BMW iX M60

Generally, the styling of the iX M60 is very similar to the existing iX model so you get the huge front grille that constantly divides opinion, although it is a clever hiding place for many of the car’s camera and radar sensors.

The slim laserlight headlights look fabulous and there are flush-fitting door handles, plus soft-close doors. In addition, the M60 model gains stunning 22-inch alloy wheels with striking blue brake calipers. There are additional bronze trimmings for the window surrounds and grille, M badging, along with some menacing black detailing.

Moving inside, you are greeted with the same beautifully-styled cabin as the iX, although you do get some premium additions, including the latest upgraded BMW infotainment system, a pitch perfect Bowers & Wilkins sound system, four-zone air conditioning plus heated, ventilated and massaging seats.

All the fixtures and fittings have been developed with an eye on sustainability. For example, the carpets are made from old fishing nets. And the cabin is one of the finest you will ever see with a 12.3-inch digital driver display merging into the high-resolution 14.9-inch infotainment  screen. The curved display looks out of this world, as does the head-up display that would look perfect on the Batmobile.

The level of on-board tech is comprehensive with all the mod cons we demand these days and a lot more.

On The Road

BMW iX M60

Handling & Performance

Powering the iX M60 is a 111.5kWh battery that delivers 619hp and a whopping 1,100Nm of torque. That results in some breath-taking performance stats with a 0-62mph sprint time of just 3.8 seconds and a top speed that is electronically limited to 155mph. Not bad for a family car that weighs in at 2.5 tonnes-plus and has a driving range of 348 miles between charges. 

The acceleration out the blocks is brutal and it quickly reaches the national speed limit, so keep a watchful eye on the speed in the head-up display. It’s beautifully balanced despite its high-sided SUV design and the road-holding also impresses even through tight bends.

The M-specific suspension set-up helps to ensure agility and precision and the acceleration remains constant with drive modes to change the characteristics of the car. It is also possible to adjust the levels of regenerative braking to recoup energy that would otherwise be lost with low, medium and high settings.

The high voltage battery is positioned deep down in the car’s underbody and that helps lower the centre of gravity, which in turn results in a more balanced performance with extra cornering control. And with dual electric motors (one on each axle) the vehicle has four-wheel drive assurance too.

BMW iX M60

Space & Practicality

The BMW iX M60 is a full-sized, five-door SUV that boasts commanding road presence stretching almost five metres in length and more than two metres across (including the wing mirrors). 

The height of 1,696mm combined with the three-metre wheelbase means there is oodles of space inside the car with ample room for three adults to sit comfortably in the back. 

The wide opening rear doors would offer easy access to a child seat and the large windows mean all occupants have a great view of their surroundings. There are conveniently positioned USB ports in the back of both front seats and rear seats can be heated.

The boot is well-sized with a 500-litre capacity that increases to 1,750 litres with the rear seats dropped down. Elsewhere, there is a massive storage area beneath the floating central console, a glovebox, deep central cubby bin, door pockets, front and rear cup holders, front charge ports, seat back pockets and some trays.

From a practicality viewpoint, it takes 39 minutes to charge the iX M60’s battery from 10 to 80 per cent, or approximately 11 hours from a home wallbox where it will prove much cheaper if you can spare the time.


BMW iX M60

Running Costs

Our BMW iX M60 had a starting price of 116,795, but a few options such as 22-inch M aerodynamic wheels, a Titan Bronze exterior trim and a panoramic roof saw the cost creep up to £121,695. That is quite steep, but compares with the other premium brand’s flagship family EVs.

There will be financial rewards for adopting the electrified route with its zero carbon emissions. For example, owners will be exempt from any road tax or Congestion Charge fees. And for anyone lucky enough to secure this Beamer as a business car, it has a very attractive Benefit in Kind tax savings rate of two per cent.

Although much of the technology is new, BMW does enjoy a decent reputation when it comes to reliability and, as an EV has fewer mechanical parts than a traditional ICE-powered model, there should be less to go wrong.

Buyers are advised to check with their electricity supplier to see if there are times throughout the day or night when tariffs are lower and plan to charge the vehicle then.

The BMW iX M60 is rated as insurance group 40.


BMW iX M60

The BMW iX M60 seems to defy all logic. After all it’s a huge family-sized SUV that weighs in at more than 2.5 tonnes. It covers every practical base and offers an impressive driving range on a full charge.

However, it drives like a demon. The acceleration is mind-blowingly quick and the level of power is relentless. But, no matter how hard it’s pushed, it delivers perfect comfort, stability and control. It is well balanced, yet still exhilarating to drive.

And it’s also worth noting that the iX scored really well when it was tested for its Euro NCAP safety rating with high scores for occupant safety and a special mention to child safety systems. What more could you want from an SUV? 

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By Maxine Ashford
Oct 31, 2022

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