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Mazda Cx-3 reviews

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3.8 / 5
Based on 11 reviews
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Sue Rozga
1 review
Aug 15, 2019
4.7 / 5
Reviewed: 2018 - 5Dr SUV 2.0 SKYACTIV SS 120 EU6 Sport Nav Auto6
Best car I have ever owned
1 review
Apr 26, 2019
4.3 / 5
Reviewed: 2017 - 5Dr SUV 2.0 SKYACTIV SS 120 EU6 Sport Nav 6Spd
Great car to drive, good quality interior, boot a little small though
Kenneth Thomas Gamble
2 reviews
Feb 26, 2019
4.3 / 5
Reviewed: 2016 - 5Dr SUV 2.0 SKYACTIV SS 120 EU6 Sport Nav Auto6
very well made car. would purchase again
Graham Smith
2 reviews
Jan 15, 2019
4.1 / 5
Reviewed: 2017 - 5Dr SUV 2.0 SKYACTIV SS 120 EU6 SE-L Nav 6Spd
The car in itself runs well and although there differences between this car and my other one which was a Nissan Juke find that now having my Juke technology has gone way beyond the juke. My only concern not knowing at the time was when engaging the car at a stop sign or traffic lights, that it seemed to conk out. Apparently there is a switch that you use on the right hand side called "Istop". In order to maintain the running of the car. I don't really think that this should be in any cars especially when only travelling short distances. It is supposed to save money over years when at traffic lights and the car is running. I found it was embarrassing having to re start my car although I was told that if I engaged my clutch and gear it would start again. I feel over time this may be more hinderance than saving. My only other grip is that the car does NOT have rear camera which the Nissan Juke had. I miss this but has sound control. So what if you are deaf can you still use or feel that a sound is coming from the car? As I have had this car for only 1 week now I have still to understand all the tech no things and gizmos on it. The sat Nav is much different to my old car but I guess its expected to be updated regularly on newer cars. Apart from these two points the car is good and stable and much more comfortable to ride in without much movement. The boot size is adequate but not as big as the JUKE capacity. Its a nice ride and more power being a 2000cc car so has the pull to get away if required, where as the JUKE sometimes find it hard to even pass a bus... Overall out of 5 I would give the car 4 as I feel there room to improve more especially on the rear camera.
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