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Renault Zoe reviews

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4.1 / 5
Based on 4 reviews
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Chris Shardlow
1 review
Jul 09, 2019
4.6 / 5
Reviewed: 2018 - 5Dr Hatchback 0.0 Electric R110 40kWh 107 i Dynamique Nav Auto
first all electric,so far love it ,impressed with milage range over my last model,
Zoe Hicks
2 reviews
Oct 25, 2018
4.7 / 5
Reviewed: 2018 - DYNAMIQUE NAV
This is my second electric vehicle this one has a larger mileage range however it does seem slightly smaller in length. It’s a great drive not left the county in it yet but hope to later in the year just checking suitable recharge points at destination and or on route. Wish dealers offered this facility to customers where they have it installed as supermarkets etc charge for an access cards or perhaps just a one month access could be purchased at a time. So far we have only charged at home making great use of our solar panels. So very economical.
Matthew Lax
1 review
Apr 18, 2017
4.1 / 5
Reviewed: 2016 - 5Dr Hatchback 0.0 Electric 88 i Dynamique Nav Auto
A fantastic little run-around and fully electric. Running costs are cheap as I can charge on economy 7 overnight at home. Performance is great particularly at low speeds (0-30 is very nippy) and it is a really relaxing drive in Eco mode when it restricts the accelerator giving you a very smooth drive. It is a small car so not a lot of boot space, hence the 3 stars there. Value for money: it's not cheap but it is a good price compared to other EVs and what price do you put on helping save the environment?
Richard Sanderson
1 review
Oct 25, 2016
4.4 / 5
Reviewed: 2015 - 5Dr Hatchback 0.0 Electric 88 i Dynamique Nav Auto
The Zoe is a fun car to own. Running costs are minimal (but note the £70 per month battery charge) and it's nice to know we are helping the environment. It's one of the quickest vehicles away from the lights, with amazing torque, but range considerations tend to make us drive it conservatively. It is very comfortable and well equipped but the climate control is tricky to get right, especially in eco-mode. The range is between 80 and 110, depending on temperature conditions. (The battery doesn't seem as efficient in very cold weather). We regularly use the motorway charging points (Ecotricity) but this now costs £6 for 30 mins charge, unless you are an Ecotricity customer ( we get 52 free charges a year). At home, our 7kw charger charges the car in about 3 hours from empty. Overall, we would be very happy with this car if the range was 150 miles minimum - according to Renault, this will happen in the near future!
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