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Seat Alhambra reviews

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4.1 / 5
Based on 44 reviews
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Harry Slora
1 review
Sep 10, 2019
5.0 / 5
Reviewed: 2018 - 5Dr MPV 2.0 TDi DPFR SS 150 EU6 XCELLENCE DSG Auto6
Lovely spacious 7 seater. Comfortable, powerful and drives well. Fuel consumption is very good considering its weight.
Jim Hatton
2 reviews
Aug 15, 2019
3.7 / 5
Reviewed: 2003 - 5Dr MPV 1.9 Tdi PD 130 SE 7seat
Good car with great performance for its size and age. Handling isn't anything to write home about but then you don't buy a car like this to set lap records at your favourite racetrack. Best thing about it by far is the amount of stuff you can fit in it. Not as reliable as I was hoping, given its VAG heritage. Electrical problems left, right and centre. Get the same mpg from this as we did from our 2011 5 seat Renault Scenic 1.5dci. A wonder, considering it's twice the Renault's size and has a much more powerful engine.
Ted Bell
5 reviews
Jul 30, 2019
4.1 / 5
Reviewed: 2012 - 5Dr MPV 2.0 TDi CR Ecomotive DPFR SS 140 EU5 SE 6Spd
Probably the best MPV for space and comfort. With space for 7 adults, the car well thought out. All rear seats fold down to form a flat platform for ease of access and large objects. Economy is good and the 2 litre diesel powerful for even a fully loaded car. Overall a excellent vehicle especially for larger families.
Guy Wallis
1 review
Jul 20, 2019
3.3 / 5
Reviewed: 2013 - 5Dr MPV 2.0 TDi CR Ecomotive DPFR SS 140 EU5 SE Lux 6Spd
It's got plenty of room and a 3rd row of seats that pop up if required - seating up to 7 comfortably. With the seats folded down there is plenty of room for kit in the back. It handles OK for a big car and the interior and extras are pretty good (aircon, gps etc). My biggest gripe is that there's no spare. Although the tires are self seal if a nail goes through the sidewall of the tire you're done for.
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